I received a letter from a reader honestly expressing their opinion about perhaps this whole baking soda, alkaline diet, and supplement thing was just a cruel hoax when it comes to those who are dancing with cancer. This is what the person had to say:

Hi, Vern.

I have been reading your blog and your website in general since my
husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer on May 25th and my
mother (who lives with me) was diagnosed with stage IIc ovarian cancer
exactly one month later, June 25th.

I must admit when I first came across your website I thought it was
some sort of cruel hoax. To think that cancer could be cured with
something as simple as a change in diet, nutritional supplements,
oxygenation and sodium bicarbonate solution was a little far-fetched,
to say the least. I remember when I first came across it, before my
mom was diagnosed, and I was still in the throes of depression at my
husband’s diagnosis, I laughed. But then as I got deeper and deeper
into my research as to how to fight this thing, and in my
correspondence with several pHD doctors and alternative therapy
doctors, they all came back to pH. So then I found your website again.
I also have a “guardian angel” out in Arizona, who has cured his own
cancer using a very similar protocol, that I have grown very close to.
Between reading about your experiences and talking to him, I came up
with a protocol for my husband and mom that they’ve been using for
almost a month now.

I recently went back to your website to make sure that things are
progressing the way they should. I have them taking three teaspoons of
100% pure organic maple syrup mixed with one teaspoon of aluminum-free
baking soda (Bob’s Red Mill, to be specific). They are taking this
mixture three times a day and have been since almost a month now. My
mom reports that she is feeling the “oxygen euphoria” sensation you
write about. She’s not getting the headaches but has had some bouts of
diarrhea and stomach pain, which we feel is a good sign. My husband,
however, doesn’t report any of that. He has had a headache or two
which we’re not sure this is an effect of, but because he had 2 feet
of his colon removed upon diagnosis, his stool with be loose from this
point on. It may be that he’s not as in touch with his body as my
mother, nothing new for him, and is just not noticing the changes, but
we’re not sure.

Also, we just bought the pH strips but noticed that the range goes
from 4.0 to 7.5 so I’m thinking we’ll need to buy some that go to 8.5.
Based on this info, is there anything else you can suggest? I was
reading about the breathing exercises that you do and I think we will
research and incorporate that into our regimen. Any other ideas?

Please know that what you’re doing is such a selfless, wonderful act
of kindness that you will be rewarded for in the kingdom of God. You
and many other people that share their experiences and information so
freely are truly special people and I look at all of them as “guardian
angels” for those of us that are lost after a diagnosis like this. I
can’t wait for our own personal nightmare to be over so we can also
“pay it forward”. God bless you.

Here is my response:

 Thanks for the email Debbie. . . you have been on quite a ride! Yes indeed, get some pH strips or sticks that measure above 7.5. The ones I used measured 9.0, but 8.5 would be fine. And another yes, is yes – do the breathing. Breathing that I used and continue to use is PTR Breathing. I have borrowed some other breathing techniques from Don, which also work. In fact, I mix the two. However, PTR Breathing is my primary way of oxygenating my body. I highly recommend it.
Stress is even more acidic than any food or drink one can ingest. The Breathing will lower stress by bringing in some much needed relaxation. With relaxation comes health. The body cannot help but to return to its natural state (health) when it is relaxed. So, do the breathing. And I recommend that you do it also. Things have to kind of rough for you now. At one point I did and accumlative 3 hours of PTR Breathing a day. It works!
If you need me to point to the different URLs where this info is located, let me know and I will do just that. ]
You wrote such a beautiful well thought out letter that I would like to publish it on the website’s blog. It will help a lot of other people. I will not post your name or your email address. . . Vernon “Vito” Johnston

I enjoy answering the emails I get. I think I have answered just about everyone. BTW, the letter writer went on to explain that one of her loved ones was a bit hesitant about moving into an unknown area when it comes to reclaiming ones’ health. I referred her to the option of reading this from the post “What to say to encourage loved ones to try and kill cancer via natural means: or even if they are stuck” to that person. Part of that post follows:

Here is my response. It was written so that this person or anyone else can just read it to their loved ones who are not sure what to do:

It is as simple as this XxXx. . . let him know that “Dear Uncle, you better
start finding something to live for – even if it is playing a guitar or
listening to sweet sound of rain on your tin roof. If you are dead inside
already, then your body will surely catch up! And if you can’t find anything to
fight for and you want to live, TRULY WANT TO LIVE, then do this PTR Breathing that this one fellow, whose wife left him after 34 years of marriage, did. Cancer bit him in the prostate too. Got into his damned bones also. Now where is he? He
took life into his own hands, sucked down a little baking soda, did some focused
breathing, switched to an alkaline diet, and he reclaimed and continues to
reclaim his health.”

“Does he still do baking soda? No! Is he still on a strict alkaline diet? No!
Does he still do focused breathing? Yes! And do you know what else happened?
Well, I don’t know if it is what you want Dear Uncle, but he and his wife got
back together after three years of separation. He really enjoyed living by
himSelf, and did not expect nor even did he want to get back together, but
sometimes strange things happen. That fellow is pretty damned happy, but he was
happy even when he was living alone. Now he is on what he calls his ‘HoneyMoon’
and loves it. Been on it for 4 months now!”

“So Dear Uncle. . . do what you want, but if you like yourSelf one bit then at
least reach out and find something that gets you going. And if not, then at least
do this PTR Breathing. He says it is eye opening, life giving, and relaxing. He
says it also helped in making clear decisions about his own Well Being.  As a
matter of fact Uncle, I will do it too. Might even go on an Alkaline Diet. But
first things first Uncle. Can we do this Breathing thing together? We will
compare notes.

 Have fun XxXx. . . Vito”

That was the letter. I don’t know if XxXx read the letter to her uncle or not. In any case, you can read the same letter. Just substitute Uncle with brother, sister, aunt, dad, mom, friend, or whoever you want to get to read www.phkillscancer.com or get to email me, or get them to consider another natural method for reclaiming ones’ health. Maybe even get them to do a little more research, visit other health reclaiming sites, and maybe, just maybe, you may even save their lives . .  .  Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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2 Responses to “www.phkillcancer.com a hoax? “Not so” says this reader. . .”

  1. Lee says:

    I have prostate cancer, PSA o.7, Gleason 6, T2A Last year before hearing of your protocal I purchased a water alkalin / ionizer installed in my kitchen which bring my pH to an average of 6.5 – 7.0 which I thought is the ideal pH level. My understanding anything higher or lower is either too acidic and to alkaline. Please correct me/my information you must be right. Thank you

  2. Jose says:

    I wanted to know how many protocols you do in a year or. How frequent are you suppose to do protocols. Thank you so much, keep up the your great work. We need it.

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