About three years ago I got interested in football because of the back story of the individual players and coaches. Frankly, it makes the game more interesting for me to watch knowing and having an inkling of how the participants managed to make it to the ‘Big Show’. Just having knowledge of a player’s history in getting there (such as family environment, past achievements and failures) makes the player real in a real sense. Before getting into why Russell Wilson showed up on my hero radar, I have a few other heroes I wish to mention:

Lloyd Kahn started skateboarding at age 65, and he’s still going strong. The 76-year-old San Francisco resident shows off his moves — stressing the importance of safety — on the streets of his city. “I’m not giving up skating as long as I can walk,” he says. “I’m gonna keep at it!” He also is chief editor of the magazine called Shelter .  However, it was his late drive to learn skate boarding that put him on my admiration hero list. Here are couple Lloyd Kahn skate boarding videos.


Another fellow accomplished a turn in his life at age 62 when he produced his first music album. I watched the movie documentary “Charles Bradley: Soul of America”. Charles is a Funk/Soul/R&B singer who was influenced by the singer James Brown. Here is the trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uegzZWp6Y4w
Many struggles happened in his life not the least being abandoned by his mother when he was eight years old. Still through all the trials and tribulations he experienced he managed to place love as a focal point in his life. The reason the love thing is important to me had been my past inability to really embrace the beauty of this trait. Don’t get me wrong, I embrace love. However, it was the Charles Bradley story that took my understanding of love to a new level.


For those interested in having a piece of Charles Bradley .

Dr. Teng Sheng Hsu entered my life when I wanted to understand “Spirit and Mind” more. It was a good day when I came across his book which closely aligned with my views on where cancer comes from. Here is one quote from the book, “It is simple logic. If a person does not know why he (or she) has cancer, then how can he (she) find the way to truly treat it, and do so in such a way that it never returns or manifests in a different illness?” . . . from The Secret To Healing Cancer: A Chinese Psychiatrist and Family Doctor Presents His Amazing Method For Curing Cancer Through Psychological And Spiritual Growth

Quite simply, this information is not only about cancer, but also for other diseases as well as life in general. Using some of his methods helped me to process stuck areas of my life, including babyhood and childhood. Dr. Hsu trained as a medical doctor in Western Medicine before entering psychiatry and embracing Spirituality. It is refreshing to experience this unusual combination. I got a copy of his book in Kindle format – Kindle format – THE SECRET TO HEALING CANCER Chinese Psychiatrist and Family Doctor Presents His Amazing Method for Curing Cancer Through Psychological and Spiritual Growth

My sister-in-law, Teri has a special place in my hero appreciation heart. Teri has been dealing with cancer for over 12 years. She chose to go the allopathic route to treat the cancer disease. From my view it is her big heart and huge desire for life that has carried her to live with and survive cancer. But. . . surviving is not a key word in her mind and soul. Teri, who occasionally has had limited mobility, fights through what would debilitate or precipitate most individuals to give up. Not Teri! She has and continues to spread that joy in her heart to others, and that includes me. Once, shortly after being diagnosed in early 2008, Teri and I were having a frank conversation about cancer. When I referred to the cancer I was dancing with as ‘my cancer’, Teri jumped all over me with, “Don’t ever refer to this cancer you are dealing with as ‘your cancer’. It is not your cancer, it is just cancer.” Those words and Teri’s big heart have left a big influence on my attitude with this disease. Thank you Teri!

Lee Miles’ ability, tenacity, and persistence to turn a cancer death sentence into an ‘all clear sign’ from the oncology doctors truly won me over. This is some of what Lee wrote me several years ago:

I have documentation and medical reports to convince the stupid. As a T4 N1 cancer patient for the past two years I’ve taken ten rounds of BSMS and my last two TESTS WHICH WERE DONE ON THE VERY TOP OF THE LINE PET SCAN (whole Body) and Tesla 3 pelvic and prostate MRI have all my doctors in amazement.
I’ve been through 2 years of hormone therapy and a very high dosage of radiation (79.2 RADS) on the best machine made. My initial prognosis was death within two years.
A change in diet, exercise, and ten rounds of Sodium bicarbonate over the last two years each lasting from 8 days to 14 days may have made the difference. I’m off the hormone therapy as of this week and will really know the outcome within the next two years. A careful watch on my PSA will tell the tale. Other unrelated medical problems exist but are NOT cancer related.
Vern, my wife has spent a great deal of time talking to you but now we have documentation that should make the stupid get the message. At this time I can’t suggest abandoning traditional medical care but can tell you we firmly believe without sodium bicarbonate I would be dead. Anyone in my situation would be foolish NOT TO ADD THIS ALTERNATIVE THERAPY TO EVERYTHING ELSE.

Lee’s persistence attribute that I admire was his doing the baking soda protocol so many times. I do believe that he ended up doing it at least 19 times over a 3 year period. That is persistence! It also shows a huge appreciation and desire for life. Lee definitely used Body, Mind, and Spirit to reclaim his health. He especially used Body, which is a good lesson for me as well as others who have a strong tendency to lean and rely heavily on the Body and MInd part of the holistic Body, Mind, Spirit formula for healthy success. Thank you Lee!

Of course, this hero list of mine would not be complete if I did not mention again the huge role my son Gyrosol “Jai” Johnston played in guiding me towards hope and reclaiming health by suggesting that I take a look at alkalizing my body. Thanks again Gy!

My hero list keeps growing. I am blessed to have so many. My family and my sibling family hold a very special place in my heart, as well as some others that come from the Seahawk football organization. Those other Seahawks, besides Russell Wilson, for their own special reason are getting onto my list: Head coach Pete Carroll, who forever brings a positive attitude to his team; Richard Sherman, who brings delight with him on and off the playing field; Golden Tate, who trusts deeply in himself and his abilities; Tarvaris Jackson, who is the centerpiece of unselfishness; Steven Hauschka, the field goal and kick off specialist, who treats every kick like the Seahawks treat each and every game – go 1 and 0 every game, and practice each kick and play as if it is a live game situation; and Marshawn Lynch, whose quiet strength I cannot help but to admire.

“Brings me back to zero”. . . Russell Wilson during Seahawk press conference posted 3 November 2013.


What’s this ‘getting back to zero’ mean? As I see Russell Wilson talk about it during the press conference video mentioned above, I see it as a place (figuratively speaking) where he goes to keep himself evenly keeled. What stimulated this part of the press conference were the questions asked by the reporters wondering how Russell Wilson, after throwing two critical interceptions to the other team, could keep his cool and continue to play at a positive focused level.
Previously, during earlier press conferences dating back to when Russell Wilson first became a Seahawk, he would speak about the importance of visualization, and the role it plays in maintaining or taking the business of being an NFL quarterback to the next or higher level. I admired him for speaking openly about the benefits of visualization. He did not speak too much about imagination and visualization, but it was enough for me to hope more on the subject.
The tie in for me is that I felt if an athlete (a world class athlete) uses visualization as a means to improve performance, then why not apply the same when it comes to reclaiming ones’ health. That is why, after watching just about everyone of Russell Wilson’s press conference for about a year and a half, I was very pleased to experience another wise knowledge nugget from the “Back to Zero” press conference. Although watching the entire video is important, the main “zero” subject starts at the four minute mark. Here is what I transcribed from that part of the press conference:

• RW: “Stay in the moment”
• Reporter: “Talk about not getting too high/too low, after turning the ball over, what happened, what is the key to not letting that stay with you?”
• RW: “You asked me (about the key) to not being too high/too low. I think the biggest thing for me is that I have learned and I have understood is that if there is any time (left) on the clock, you still have a chance. When you have a great defense, and you trust in those guys to come up and make a stop. You know, I am a competitor, I am an ultimate competitor so I am going to try to make a play if it is there. And they were fortunate enough to make a big play and I was obviously mad about it, came back to the sideline and thought about the play. You have to let it go. You have to have amnesia in this game, especially playing the quarterback position. And so for me I personally find a place, pregame, I find a place in every stadium that I go to that I look at and it helps me bring me back to zero. NO matter how good I am doing or how bad I am doing whatever the circumstances are, I just find that place, and that kinda brings me back to zero. I just believe, my faith is strong I just believe that anything can happen, and we came up with a huge huge win.”

How and why does this translate to health issues? First of all I have to start by telling you about my experience playing double deck pinochle. Yes, I am competitive also. Maybe not the ‘ultimate competitor’ that Russell Wilson is, but still a competitor. And. . . that includes pinochle. Have you ever played a board game, tile game, or card game and you made a mistake or a bad move that clings to you for several hands; and in some cases the rest of the game? Well, that is me I am talking about here. There are times when I cannot shake that feeling, so I understand what Russell is talking about – that being led around or controlled by hanging onto a mistake.
You can add driving to this formula. I am probably not the only driver who gets upset with some of the driving habits of others. (grin!) By returning to ‘zero’ I can overcome (and I do) some of my frustrations with the performance by other drivers. Of course, I am not the perfect driver. I am sure that I have frustrated my share of drivers.

Russell Wilson’s plan works. Simply by going to place preset as a ‘return to zero’ space works wonders in relieving that pressure and getting me back into the game. Try it; you will like it. And besides, you will feel a lot better physically and emotionally.

Which brings me to using this technique on disease and returning to a place of health. It works; and it takes practice to get there. Not much, but the effort has to be there. I am sure that the first time Russell Wilson initiated his plan he put in plenty of effort. My guess now is that he can quietly and quickly pick out a ‘return to zero’ space quickly. My first effort in finding that spot just took a few minutes. I move around a bit. I believe that the conscious and unconscious do not like to be bored, so different places are good. My first spot I picked out was a shoe in my closet. The second was a pocket in one of my shirts hanging in another closet. Least you think I focus on clothes alone, I must let you know that one of my favorite places to hang out at zero is in the bell of one of my trumpets.

I got lucky a few times when I noticed I had a visitor hanging out with me. Yes, it was Russell Wilson and it was very uplifting. Thanks Russell.
Russell Wilson goodies


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