I get many people who contact me about others, such as loved ones and friends, who have been inflicted with cancer. Many are on their last leg; have gone through the allopathic doctor system with their chemo, radiation, surgery, chemotherapy; have been offered no hope; or are not sure about trying anything including an alternative or natural way. (Jez. . .I wonder if baking soda is considered natural – grin). The following is a sample of such a letter posted to me. After that, you will read my response:

“well, Vernon, nice to meet you. With a name like XxXx, you may have
guessed I am not having a prob with big C of the prostate. But I am dealing with
C with 2 individuals about whom I care deeply. My uncle is one…not nearly as
open, unyielding, and free-wheeling as you. He has stage 4 C of prostate and is
waiting 5 months for a treatment in S Calif. He lives here in Oregon,,,wife of
30 years left him a year ago…he’s living in a shiny new mobile home now….  I
am hoping you can and will help me explain, convince, ??? to at least try an
alternative approach while he WAITS FOR FIVE MONTHS!!!!  Sorry to raise my
voice.  Please write me back.  This little box on your site is abt 1 X 2 inches.
ha.  I am so glad your efforts have been positive in their outcome with C. and I
am so impressed that you took the matter into your own hands. Isnt Hawaii the
most glorious place on the earth?!!”

Here is my response. It was written so that this person or anyone else can just read it to their loved ones who are not sure what to do:

It is as simple as this XxXx. . . let him know that “Dear Uncle, you better
start finding something to live for – even if it is playing a guitar or
listening to sweet sound of rain on your tin roof. If you are dead inside
already, then your body will surely catch up! And if you can’t find anything to
fight for and you want to live, TRULY WANT TO LIVE, then do this PTR Breathing that this one fellow, whose wife left him after 34 years of marriage, did. Cancer bit him in the prostate too. Got into his damned bones also. Now where is he? He
took life into his own hands, sucked down a little baking soda, did some focused
breathing, switched to an alkaline diet, and he reclaimed and continues to
reclaim his health.”

“Does he still do baking soda? No! Is he still on a strict alkaline diet? No!
Does he still do focused breathing? Yes! And do you know what else happened?
Well, I don’t know if it is what you want Dear Uncle, but he and his wife got
back together after three years of separation. He really enjoyed living by
himSelf, and did not expect nor even did he want to get back together, but
sometimes strange things happen. That fellow is pretty damned happy, but he was
happy even when he was living alone. Now he is on what he calls his ‘HoneyMoon’
and loves it. Been on it for 4 months now!”

“So Dear Uncle. . . do what you want, but if you like yourSelf one bit then at
least reach out and find something that gets you going. And if not, then at least
do this PTR Breathing. He says it is eye opening, life giving, and relaxing. He
says it also helped in making clear decisions about his own Well Being.  As a
matter of fact Uncle, I will do it too. Might even go on an Alkaline Diet. But
first things first Uncle. Can we do this Breathing thing together? We will
compare notes.

 Have fun XxXx. . . Vito”

That was the letter. I don’t know if XxXx read the letter to her uncle or not. In any case, you can read the same letter. Just substitute Uncle with brother, sister, aunt, dad, mom, friend, or whoever you want to get to read www.phkillscancer.com or get to email me, or get them to consider another natural method for reclaiming ones’ health. Maybe even get them to do a little more research, visit other health reclaiming sites, and maybe, just maybe, you may even save their lives . .  .  Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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3 Responses to “What to say to encourage loved ones to try and kill cancer via natural means: or even if they are stuck”

  1. Kristen says:

    I wrote you a bit ago, but I failed to tell you that I’m really happy you got your lady back.
    That rocks!

  2. […] to reclaiming ones’ health. I referred her to the option of reading this from the post “What to say to encourage loved ones to try and kill cancer via natural means: or even if they are st…“ to that person. Part of that post […]

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