I have always been a poet. In high school I was considered a jock and a poet. I lost poetry from my life for about 30 years, but it never lost me.  The poems are all mine. The ‘Isms’ however are a mix of mine or of others who ‘spoke’ to me, and I listened. . . Vernon “Vito” Johnston “I have had brushes with death, but it is the brushes with life that continues to invigorate me.” Vj 27 July 2012   “The Spirit of who I am is Who I Am: the rest will follow.” Vj 4 Dec 2010
                                                                                                       * * * I have had a taste of freedom, and I can not slip back into my invisible chains ever ever again.  .  . Vito * * * I just keep learning stuff. The old saying, “I will go wherever the future takes me” came to mind recently; and I felt comforted by it for a few moments. Then. . . my saying, “The future will go where I take it” came to mind; and I felt whole. I felt empowered. . . vito Ah. . . the beauty – the beauty of it all! Is it inside me? Is it in there hiding. . . waiting for some unknown quality to set it free so my eyes may see the sky’s blue feel the natural beat of my heart? Does the sky feel a child cry, a human laugh, bananas turn yellow? Does it know when my heart is beating joy or frowning anger? Sweet nature sing your song. I am awake. . . Vito * * * Wrote this just as I was about to receive hope for my recovery. Journey Be Space The Sun sold itSelf. Hide from Lifes’ children dancing together below gray where I stay. . . Reaped heaped steeped Tremendous joy sheer telling relationships brother love sips. . . Fond past ghosts good comes rescues wounded posting too how sands turn brothers hands. . . Accept grace itSelf. Shining from Lifes’ children dancing above the gray where I stay. . . Vito * * *

My friend John from New York is a Phillie’s fan. I am a Dodger fan. We made a poetry bet, which means whoever’s team won the 2009 NCLS Series, they pick a subject related to the series. The other would write a poem based on that subject. John picked “Baseball Magic” as my poem subject. So here goes: BASEBALL MAGIC I loved it. I couldn’t wait! Mrs Edward’s 3rd grade class Rural town USA Eastern edge State PeeAye. Recess time clock on wall Spoke magic with a ball. Tick tock almost done One more minute then we run. Buzzer sounded our release Quiet joys our dreaming feast. To the diamond dust and rock Little boys play and talk. Work Up – that’s our game Baseball Magic is its name. Up to bat three small boys Swinging softly baseball’s noise. Fly ball left field Can he catch it? Yes he will Switch players – that’s the bill. Stern smiles from the mound Focused batter taps the ground. Ball four! Does he walk? No way! The bat must talk. . . Vito * * *

Isn’t it a grand gift to ourSelves to sniff and snort along the trail leading to that Self we have yet to become. Some say we are already that Self. I don’t know about that. Seems that every twig I step over, every stone I stub my toe on, and every flower I smell  leads me to Who I Really Am. . . Vito * * * The personal world views of different people have been on my mind recently. So much so, that I have been looking closely at my own views. My World now is becoming plump with graciousness, abundance, deep relaxation, and Well-Being. I believe it is working. When I know it is, I will let you know. . . Vito * * * I feel that I am an explorer and an adventurer into the unknown. Of course, my life before was unknown also, but it was preset by the expectations on how I was supposed to be and act. It seems like parents, the churches, the government, and society as a whole have an idea already on how and who I was to be. And I fell for it. Act is truly an accurate word to use. I felt for a long time that I was acting my way through life. Doing things and being what was expected of me. There were the occasional catching of the sweet ‘whiffs’ of what a true Vernon would be like. It kept me alive and interested. Probably also gave the illusions to others and to mySelf that I was operating outside of the box. I have discovered, since (and sense) that it was not the ‘oppressors’ keeping me from Me. It was Me! . . Vito * * * I didn’t know. I didn’t know that life could be so great. I really didn’t. . . Vito

After receiving many request from others asking for a book by me, the book is ready. Writing “After the Jolt” has given me the chance to express my experiences in greater detail and to share the knowledge and insights that I have gained from all those thousands of cancer stories and questions fielded over the past 5 years. In the book I go into greater detail with the powerful healing methods of deep breathing, relaxation, alkaline diet, and visualization/meditation/prayer. I have also clarified and updated the original protocol, included the details of three others who have had success with their own versions of the original protocol, and I answer many more questions in a much more concise and organized manner. You will see many success stories from others.


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