Had a great time at a vegetarian workshop today. We prepared four dishes – a pumpkin pie, a special spinach salad, a couscous concoction served on baked acorn squash, and a curried coconut milk soup loaded with vegetables. My favorites were the vegetarian pumpkin pie and the salad which was served with a pomegranate  juice dressing. When I prepare the couscous dish on my own I will use quinoa and brown rice instead.

Other than my appetite being stimulated, I must say that the conversations were equally as good as the food. Daniel, who owns 360alive.com , started talking to a few of us while we were eating our pie about the concept of 360 alive. It is a group of experienced people going webinar to express to the world their knowledge. The webinars include classes on nutrition, exercise, career, relationships, and Spirituality. What piqued my interest is Spirituality. I fancy mySelf as being Spiritually Independent and my ears always perk up when someone mentions that subject.

We started talking about what role Spirit plays in recovery from bodily and emotional challenges. My personal belief is that disease is always precipitated by stress. It may be stress for a few days or a few decades, but whatever it is stress will eventually wear on the physical body until a disease will appear. Part of my story talks about it herehere and here. Actually, those ‘here’s’ are relative, but this is the one I was searching for. It talks about depression and my own battle with carrying a negative feeling around for 25 years.

Now Spirit can be many different Things to many different people. My best guess is that there are as many definitions of Spirit as there are Human Beings. I personally feel that as each person (including mySelf) changes and becomes more, so becomes that persons idea of Spirit. To me, Spirit cannot be defined as complete. Spirit is always becoming more! Sometimes I say, “As goes us, so goes God!” Of course me being Spiritually Independent, God is Source Energy, All That Is, Universe, Source, to name a few.

As the conversation progressed I mentioned that I was curious about how some people who are challenged with a terminal disease somehow reclaim their health, while others struggle. In my case, I used baking soda to move away from a double diagnosis of stage 4 aggressive prostate cancer that metastacised to the bones. Yet others who try that protocol come away with limited to no success. That suggests to me that we are all different (thank all the Gods), and we have our own belief systems in place. Beliefs to me are only thoughts that we continue think over and over again. Much like truths – a belief that we think over and over again.

Some people turn to prayer, or healers, or doctors, or their Gods to do the work. For me, it comes down to doing the ‘work’ ourSelves. Healing through the hands or emotions of others is temporary. My view is that we must be our own healer. Of course, we can get temporary happy results with others, like faith healers, doctors, herbalist, medicine people, prayer people. But I have seen and heard of many many people who have gone into remission only to have the disease show itself again. Sometimes it comes back with a vengence or even in another location.

This tells me that once a ‘healing’ takes place, then the person who has received a healing, must become a person more than what they were before they got the disease. In other words, the person must change. That is my work, and Spirit plays a huge role! For me, currently the best way to touch that aspect of mySelf that includes Spirit is to meditate, visualize, and feel. I am not looking for a God with a beard, or a Mystical Being to do my work for me.

One of the roads I have used to travel to a meditative relaxed state is PTR Breathing or Focused Breathing. When people ask me for advice,  I generally toss in my belief and experience with Breathing and say, “Have you been doing the Breathing?” You can also check out FAQ for more breathing info. 

Sometimes I think that the only limits we put on ourSelves are the ones we put on ourselves! Good night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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3 Responses to “Vegetarian Food and Spirit: Meditate, visualize, feel, and heal”

  1. […] truth out the window. Truth is ambiguous and even lies to us. All it is a thought we continue to think over and over and over. Change my thought and I change the truth. I laughed when he tossed out God, and then Faith, Hope, […]

  2. Veronica says:

    I have heard of this with maple syrup and didn’t realize it was so simple…thanks for the simplicity

  3. Kathleen says:


    I added your video to a blog I am just developing. I want to thank you so much for your site here. Although I am not challenged with cancer, I am challenged with ‘something’ that is effecting my life. I took your advice and ‘breathed’ through some pain yesterday. Thank you so much for just being real!


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