I am taking a little vacation – visiting my family in the Willamette Valley in the state of Oregon, USA. While here I have been studying Johanna Budwig’s work about cancer and heart infarction. The books I am reading are “Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer, and Other Diseases”, “Cancer: The Problem and The Solution”, and “The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook”.

Johanna Budwig put in 50 years of cancer research and therapy. Here is a summary of what is written about her on one of her books: “Dr Johanna Budwig liscensed pharmacist, qualified chemist, and with doctorates in chemistry and physics was senior expert for pharmaccuticals and fats in a high government function. She also studied medicine in order to implement the findings the area of biochemistry of fats, in biophysical terms. The statements about “essential fats” or the “life threatening effects” of certain fats and their signifacance for the cancer problem lead to a collision with the prevailing opinion and the breaking off her medical studies. Convinced of her scietific findings on the natural science level, Dr. Budwig devoted her whole life for more that 50 years to the realization of the validity of her human life in medicine, and in the process bring about a change in the direction of cancer research and therapy.” This excerpt is translated from German. . .

While reading her books I got the idea that she did not take any crap from the “Good ol Boys (and Girls) in the medical community. Some allopathics and corporations gave her a lot of grief. Apparently they felt their toes were being stepped on. The chemotherapy and radiation flag wavers took her to court several times to try and shut her up. She would have nothing to do with it; and was vindicated in the courts. She was a brave woman. It takes courage to go a against an established belief system. More than that, however, she went against a lot of ‘money’.

Lets get to the point here. What Johanna discovered was that the processed foods and oils that we have been ingesting are missing a “spark”. She calls it an electron or electrical charge. I am not a scientist: I call it a spark or spark of life. It seems that digestable oils are carriers that are essential in providing our bodies with a certain charge of electricity that will in turn help in oxidizing our system. Well, the manufacturers who processed the oils because the wanted to encourage a long shelf life, literally destroyed the electrical charge that our bodies’ health relies on. Of course, there is more to it than that, but this is only my introduction into Budwig’s work.

Johanna discovered how to ‘recharge’ or bodies, so to speak, by using seed oils. That is, seed oils that have not had the life processed out of them. Fresh flaxseed oil is her oil of choice. I don’t understand it completely, but flaxseed oil has a (happily) high electrical charge in it that can allow for repairing a lot of damage the human body has experienced. When mixed properly with quark or cottage cheese fresh flaxseed oil becomes water soluble, therefore allowing for a higher absortion rate.

No, I don’t understand it all, and I am not overly concerned with the scientific talk. What impresses me the most are all the testimonials from people who have used the Budwig Diet to reclaim their health. One of the places to read about these successes is on Yahoo Group called FlaxSeedOil2. This Group is loaded with information on Johanna Budwig’s work and the implementation of her discoveries.

A lot of people pooh-poohed the idea of mixing flaxseed oil with cottage cheese as a way to reclaim their health from the dreaded cancer bug. Included in this group is the Cancertutor who finally looked at the Budwig diet because he could not ignore the many testimonials coming forth. Read both pages. It is worth it.

Of course, many “pooh-poohed” the idea of baking soda too. Hahaha!

Another thing about Budwig that I am impressed with is that she literally took people off their death beds and turned their health around. She claims a 90 to 95% success rate. Now that is good! Even 50% is good. I don’t know what the success rate of chemo and radiation is, but I doubt if it even comes close to 25%, probably even less.

One of my favorite things that attract me to her protocol is that she not only encourages “The Mind, Body, Spirit” in the health process, but she demands it! More on that later. Good Day! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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8 Responses to “Vacation Mode. . . Studying Budwig Diet – Cancer, Heart, Arthritis, Diabetes, and more!”

  1. Ilana Aczel says:

    Hi Vito,

    The Budwig Diet seems great! Thanks for the information. The problem I have with it is using an animal product – (cottage cheese) – I wonder if tofu can be used instead…
    And by the way I highly recommend Dr. Lorraine Day’s work – her 10 natural laws of health – as she calls them. Diet being only 10% of her protocol. (Dr. Day is a doctor who cured her own cancer by natural methods). I have 2 of her dvd’s – I love her work! I have tried her protocol and it’s quite difficult…

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Nony. . . Someone on the Yahoo Budwig Group asked a question similar to yours on a substitution for cottage cheeze. Here is part of the owner/moderator’s (Sandra Olson) answer: “I’m sorry to tell you that there are no substitutes for cottage cheese, quark, yogurt cheese or kefir cheese. Those four can be used with flax oil. If you blend the oil and cheese very well with an immersion blender so that no oil is showing, the taste of the two foods change to
      some extent. Also, add a cup of fresh fruit, ground flax seeds, fruit juice and a bit of honey if you wish. The flavors can make a difference.” Vernon “Vito” Johnston

  2. june taylor says:

    Hi, Vernon, thought you might like to know thet after the alkaline diet, the bicarb protocol for two weeks and now the Budwig regime for, so far,about twenty days, I have a result!! Went for heat imaging therapy, which literally turns the images of you into coloured negatives! and shows up the hot and cold spots, this was after about two weeks on the Budwig diet.A week later I went back for the result, which is in the form of a report from their doctors. It highlighted various minor problems, but most of all, it showed that what cancer MAY be there is NOT feeding!.This, I hope, shows that to date, we may have been successful in starving it. I hope this is true and the Homeopath put me on high doses of vitamin D3,Serrapeptase, Hypericum and Cratagus. I’m to return in a week for a follow up check.HERE’s HOPING!!!. All the best to you and Alice. Regards, June Taylor

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  5. valmarie says:

    Can you use the baking soda and budwig together? I am trying to help a family member put together a program.

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