Nice to be flexible! I am going off the normal path of discussions about cancer, baking soda, PTR breathing, and alkaline diet. Still though, this is a story about reclaiming one’s natural health. The issue: Trigger Thumb – a painful triggering or locking of the thumb which greatly hinders the normal use of the hand.

Here is a event that happened to someone that I know very well – my wife, Alice. She and I were doing some research about natural cures for cancer when she asked, “Do you think people would be interested in how I cured Trigger Thumb?” I would if I had a painful locking thumb or finger.

I asked her to write about it. Here is what she said:

     Several  years ago I was diagnosed with the painful condition known as Trigger Thumb. After visits to several medical  practitioners, surgery was suggested. A few days before my appointment with the hand surgeon, I talked with  my Rolfer who suggested I apply wet heat to  the thumb.
     I put boiling water in the bottom of a tall stainless steel travel mug.  I used a Starbucks travel mug.
The point was to let the steam soften the thumb joint.  I obviously did not let the water itself touch my thumb, just the steam.
     I put my thumb in the cup, using the palm of my hand as  a seal.  Raising my hand up and down controlled the heat,  as I did not want to burn myself.  I let this process take about eight to ten minutes.
     After a few minutes  the joint did soften and was unrestricted. . . .  temporarily.  As the heat in my thumb wore off, the condition returned.  So I repeated the process  four to five times a day for two, three days.  Each time the relief lasted a bit longer than the time before, until it was totally healed.
     It worked for me!  Haven’t had the trigger thumb condition since that one time.


This could be beneficial, so I asked a few questions that others may be thinking about asking:

Me:     Alice, how long ago did that happen?
Alice:  10 years

Me:     How much do think it would have cost for surgery? How about the surgery’s success rate?
Alice:  I have no idea.
Me:     And why did you choose not to have surgery?
Alice:  Cured it myself!
Me:     Duh! Makes sense to me (laughing at mySelf).

Me:     How long did this thumb soaking take, from start to finish?
Alice:  3 days

Me:     Three days! Thats it?
Alice:  Yeah!

Me:     How long did you have this trigger thumb situation?
Alice:  About a month, and the pain increased in intensity quite rapidly. I knew I had to do something about it.

Me:     What were some of the different modalities you tried before the StarBucks steamer cup?
Alice:  Lets see. . . chiropractor, rolfer, sports practitioner.  They   all suggested  surgery. Even the Rolfer who suggested wet heat as perhaps having at least a chance also suggested surgery. But, I am thankful he thought that if maybe I isolated the spot with direct heat it would soften the jont, and then maybe, just maybe it might work. Other than that surgery was starting to become my only option. It was getting painful.

Me:     You say it has been ten years huh? That is pretty good!  Congratulations!

Me      If anyone has a question would you be willing to answer?
Aice:   Yes!

I asked Alice if she would be willing to do a video to show how she did it? I think she said yes. I am still learning the camera, so it may be a little bit. Unless of course, we can get Mark to do another one. His camera work was great on the video featured on this link which was me discussing my 8th day on baking soda molasses mixture.  There was a video link on it showing the procedure.  You can see me in action on YouTube here

By the way, here is a sample of the type of travel cup Alice used – tall type with a stainless steel rim for comfort and sealing as well good insulation to hold the heat: Thermos Stainless King 16-Ounce Leak-Proof Travel Mug, Midnight Blue  The tall part of the mug is important because the hot water sits far enough below the thumb or finger to ‘steam’ it without contact with the water. Just make sure the hot hot water is safely below your index.

Next up. . . either PTR Breathing or using Atomidine supplemental iodine to attack precancerous skin spots. Or – maybe an Alkaline
food dish or two!

Good night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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33 Responses to “Trigger Finger Trigger Thumb cured via simple solution”

  1. Tella says:

    Thanks for this artlcle on trigger thumb. I had surgery 17 years ago on my left thumb and now my right thumb has the same problem.
    I will try your suggestion and keep a diary and let you know my results.

  2. DD says:

    Thank you for the information! I recently had my right first and second fingers freeze up with trigger finger. I recognized it immediately as I had previously had surgery on my left thumb for the same thing. I followed your instructions and at first I thought nothing would come of it but in the end I too was successful. Every day, five times a day, I would get out my Starbucks travel mug and dangle my two fingers over the boiling water. I used a wash cloth to help keep the steam contained. Each tiny iota of relief kept me going and in total it took me three weeks before I could move my fingers without the joints freezing up. I’ve been one week without treatment and still get occassional pins and needle pains in first finger joint with a rare click. I’m thinking I should continue in hopes of 100% relief. (Starbucks should give us honorary treatment mugs for the free plugs filled with our favorite drink – make mine a latte.)
    While it took a little longer for me, it still worked and I am so glad you posted your story. Big Thanks!

  3. alice says:

    Dear DD: Thanks for the trigger-finger response. Your experience was so different from mine, but it worked! I think the steam procedure might work on other frozen joint areas if said areas can be successfully isolated . . . certainly beats surgery!
    Thanks again for the response! alice

  4. William Vickers says:

    Why are joints mentioned for trigger thumb? It has to do with tendons.

  5. G Estrada says:

    I found a cure for Trigger finger..Leg Cramps 911 I used this for my leg cramps, but one day I noticed my trigger finger and trigger thumb pain and swelling were gone. I buy it at Wallgreens and Riteaid stores. $7.00 for the small bottle.

  6. Debbie Darnell says:

    I am currently experiencing Trigger Thumb. It’s been about 5 days since it began. I am going to try your successful technique and will provide you with an update.

    Thank you and many blessings,
    Debbie D.

  7. Debbie Darnell says:

    I am currently experiencing Trigger Thumb. It’s been about 5 days since it began. I am going to try your successful technique and will provide you with an update. Thanks again.

    Many blessings,
    Debbie D.

  8. Debbie D.
    How goes the thumb? Mine is still perfect! I remember when I had the trigger thumb (many years ago), it hurt!
    Good Luck and let me know – I am curious! Alice

  9. Jan says:

    I am so excited to hear about this easy, natural way to help trigger thumb. I just began (past month) experiencing this and am going to begin the steam treatment today – as well as see if I can find the 911. 😉 Thank you all so very much for sharing your experiences! ~Jan

  10. Karen says:

    OK I’m going to give this a shot because I do NOT want surgery. Been dealing with this for two months now – PT with ultrasound, Cortisone patch – minimal improvement as I have a nodule on the tendon base. Argh. I hope this works.

  11. I started this moist heat remedy a few days ago and definitely see an improvement, will continue til it is completely gone. Thanks so much, it has been so painful!

  12. Elmy says:

    Thank you so much for the information. It really helps me to overcome my trigger thumb problems.

  13. Stephen says:

    Did you do anything particular after or besides the steaming? Like streches? And do you leave your hand at room temperature after? Sorry, I just get really particular when it comes to these things, OCD I think haha

    • alice johnston says:

      No, I didn’t do anything except the steaming, several times a day, for several days. Some people said they did it longer than a few days.
      Yep, room temperature.
      Like I said, I got immediate relief until a few minutes after the steaming . . . but I’d do it again a coule of hours later.
      And for me the relief lasted a bit longer each time.
      Good luck and let me know! AliceC

  14. Stephen says:

    Sound, I would be so happy if this works! Thanks for your help and the quick response : )

  15. MS says:

    I did surgery for the trigger which was there in hte middle fingre but with no help, the lock was released but the pain is unbearable it is too painful. Now my left hand middle fingre has also started teh locking business with pain ofcourse. These tendons do not realize that for every lock there has to be a KEY which is not there for these finfre locking. Alic I am going to try out your therapy and pay it will work. Ofcourse I will keep you posted.

    • alice johnston says:

      good for you! Was a simple yet effective procedure for me. Be sure to do it several times a day (at least five) for as long as it takes. Good luck and let us know!! Alice

  16. MS says:


    I am still using your therapy four to five times a day it has shown minor results, but it still locks – for you it was 3 days you say but I am not sure how many more days it will take for me, today it is almost 3 weeks. I will keep trying as I am not interested in surgery. Will keep you informed.


  17. Ed says:

    Alice and husband:
    I have had trigger fingers (thumbs) off and on
    for a couple of years. The doctor gave me cortozone
    shorts. It worked for a while but the shot hurt a lot.
    I am going to try your idea. thank you for the hope.

    • alice johnston says:

      Try it, Ed! You’ll notice some relief quite soon and get lots of hope! Please let me know . . . as I am so very curious! Alice

  18. Ldw322 says:

    Good grief!!!! I’ve been experiencing pain in my thumb for over a month!!!! My doc thought tendinitis but he referred me to an ortho surgeon. Of course the surgeon said…..drum roll…. Best course of treatment….surgery. I opted for the shot and the pain that exist…makes me wish I had not!!! This was just yesterday! I will be trying the steam today!!!! Thank you for the info! -LDW

  19. Marie says:

    I had surgery for trigger thumb on my right hand several years ago. 4-5 months ago, my left thumb began the same symptoms and now locks constantly when I grasp an object. The pain is severe when straightening it; otherwise it remains stiff and straight. I tried your method about 2 months ago for 4-5 days, but due to unexpected time consuming situations, I was unable to continue. Do you believe it can still work or is this too long a time period? I do not want surgery and prefer natural ways of healing.

    • alice johnston says:

      Absolutely TRY it! You may have to do it longer than I did . . . as I caught mine about two or three months into it.
      Do it several (four or five) times a day for as long as it takes;
      you’ll know when it softens and becomes more flexible. Best of luck and LET ME KNOW (and others,too).
      Best regards . . . Alice

  20. Charlie says:

    I woke up on my 58th birthday on May 28th and my thumb knuckle (the one closest to my nail) was sticking when i bent it. It hurt I was like what the heck is this. Happy birthday to me.. Anyway I came upon this site and starting yesterday I have been putting my thumb down into a mug of hot water for this steam treatment and you know it has helped, that joint in my thumb has gotten loser or something and isn’t resisting as much when I bend it and not as painful. I will continue to do this daily a few times a day for however long to get this to loosen up and getting that joint back to normal will be my goal. Thanks

    • alice johnston says:

      Charlie! Thank you so much for the feedback! I wonder how many people will benefit from your experience. Keep posting your results! Alice

  21. John Childers says:

    I have trigger finger on my index finger. There was a suggestion to put something on the spot where it feels like scar tissue buildup (most likely this will be at the most painful spot). I found a “hand massager” that the female in the house uses and it really helped. It at least releases the finger for the day and lessens the pain a lot! This is only my 3rd time trying it. I also used a sander (took the sandpaper off of it) and foucused it on the spot.

    So, anything that will shake up and break up that scar tissue would help. Right now I’m thinking of using a drill and attaching something.

    Please BE VERY CAREFUL if you try any of this.

    Hope it helps!

    John C.

  22. Brad W says:

    Hi Alice.
    Just came across your remedy. My trigger thumb started about a week ago but has gotten to the point of being stiff where I can no longer extend my thumb. It started as just a popping with little pain and progressively got worse. Now it is painful to extend and stiff to the point that it won’t pop and flex like it once did. I’m going to try your remedy and hope for the best. I’ll keep you posted.

  23. Jim Lee says:

    I had a Trigger thumb for many months. Woke up one morning and it was gone. No treatment of any kind. This happened a couple of years ago.

  24. Deb says:

    I have trigger finger on my left middle finger. In late July I awoke with pain in my finger and as the days/weeks/months passed the swelling and pain were excruciating. I have been to the doctor 3 times as well as x-ray, MRI, (both showed nothing) and prescribed prednisone (which just made me eat!). I was using a warmed washcloth wrapped around it and everyone calling me crazy. I am so happy to stumble across your site!! I am sitting right now steaming my finger in my Starbucks cup typing with one hand!! Thank you so much for posting this, Alice. I’m praying it will work for me.

  25. Jackie says:

    I have tried the steam several times and it does reduce quite a lot of the pain,however,the night before last I steamed my thumb not long before going to bed and the next morning it was really swollen.I don’t know why.any thoughts?I can’t use my thumb at all and am now beginning to worry,the doctor only offers painkillers,it hasn’t been xrayed or anything.perhaps I should go back to the drs again?

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