Did a session of Transformational Breathing this afternoon. The thoughts I had when my friend Patti invited me over to experience it, was, “Is this as good as PTR Breathing?” “Will it facilitate in reclaiming ones’ health?”  I breathed deep breaths non-stop through my mouth for 45 minutes. This was something new for me. I have been a nose breather for almost 3 years now. I love the power of breathing. It draws to me relaxation and encourages me to let go of my grip on tension.

Trust is big also. Since I have started regular deep breathing (PTR Breathing), my trust of mySelf and my decisions has improved 10 fold. But let me get back to this afternoon’s adventure. The goal of the Tranformational Breathing was to release emotions and toxins from my emotional and my physical self. I was encouraged to write an ‘Intention’ before the breathing session began. Here is what I wrote:

“To discover and experience more of who I am and who I am becoming.” “I intend to relax and allow the beauty of my Being into Me.” “I intend to allow the God of Me into the Being I AM.”

That was my intention. It took at least 20 minutes into the session before I started to really relax. I am so used to PTR Breathing through my nose. Mouth breathing was foreign to me. Once I started to relax, then I felt my body respond. The little muscles below my eyes (I had a tendency to keep my eyes partly open throughout most of the session) quivered nicely. They were relaxing beautifully. Then my ears started feeling as though the inner parts of them were being massaged. It felt good! Then my groin area started to tingle, and my temples gently pulsated.

I did not let out any big emotional scream. I have already gone through a lot and released a lot. My eyes did tear up a bit, however. It makes me think that I have carried a lot of tension in my eyes. And speaking of relaxation, I have learned that if I focus on relaxing in one area of my body, then other areas seem to pick up on that sensation, and they too relax.

I also learned that I really appreciate breathing through my nose – inhale and exhale. For some reason, for me it is more fullfilling. It is something that I will keep my eye on in the future. I was invited back to do more breathing; and I will. Of course, I will continue to do PTR Breathing. PTR Breathing was instrumental in my reclaiming my health from stage 4 aggressive prostate cancer that spread to the bones. Of course, I like Focused Breathing (grin).

As always, I highly recommend some sort of Breathing Program. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription. You need only yourSelf and the desire to become more than what you already are. Focused breathing will lead a person into the beauty of who they are and who they want to be. It is something that one can do on their own. It is self empowering. Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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  1. Carole Quick says:

    Are there any classes in PTR Breathng in our area?

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