One of my baking soda friends in Australia dropped me this little note with a big message from Curtis Mitchell attached.

Hi Vito!
I thought I would send you some heartening news. As of yesterday I am feeling much stronger, thanks, no doubt to bicarbonate of soda. However I took this for ten days straight and then was offered some hebal remedy plus a massage lotion for my lungs and liver areas and for the soles of my feet by a herbal specialist in Queensland.
As an aside, and as a matter of coincidence, of which there is none, I contacted a American, Curtis Mitchell. He happened to be born two days before me but some many years later than I, and my grandchildren are called Curtis and Mitchell. However, he sent me a very encouraging piece of his belief. I have enclosed it here for your enjoyment. I am sure there are many cancer patients who would enjoy Curtis Mitchell’s message.
Here it is:
Enjoy the experience of Cancer. It can be more fun than folks lead onto. More beautiful in the moment than society can grasp. Find your breath in the moment and you’ll be able to  observe and be inline with whom you
 really are from your true place of being. Cancer does not exist with whom you really are nor will it ever affect you there. I think the hardest part of the journey such as Cancer is other people’s beliefs. Be aware of them and how they limit you. Some folks move beyond the diagnosis of Medical Doctors when they believe they can. My prognosis was paralysis and/or death and either I’m still dreaming when I snowboard and hike mountains and kayak and do all the things they said I would never do again, or beliefs play a large role in reality and maybe miracles are more in line with them.
It’s an honor to connect and chat with you and I hope to read your work about American Indian spirituality. I read yesterday in the Sioux language that they do not have a word for goodbye. You must have learned much
about such societies and cultures in your research.
 Breathe, Mate! Curtis
 I am very impressed with Curtis Mitchell’s thoughts!

I am talking now. . . Me too Frank. As I read Curtis’s words over again I see “Life” in them. He touches on some big points when he speaks of cancer not exist within who you really are, and the hardest part of the cancer journey is other people’s beliefs. “No kidding,” I say. And not only the present journey, but the prejourney which also plays a major part in setting us up for an illness. I noticed Curtis mentions Breathing. Seems to be a major theme in reclaiming ones’ health.

A friend in Israel mentioned that she sometimes does not even think about having cancer. I say, “And that is a good thing. Keep that up and your will reclaim your health much sooner.”

Here are a few lines from my Vitoisms and Poetry page:

* * *

Isn’t it a grand gift to ourSelves to sniff and snort along the trail leading to that Self we have yet to become. Some say we are already that Self. I don’t know about that. Seems that every twig I step over, every stone I stub my toe on, and every flower I smell  leads me to Who I Really Am. . . Vito

* * *

The personal world views of different people have been on my mind recently. So much so, that I have been looking closely at my own views. My World now is becoming plump with graciousness, abundance, deep relaxation, and Well-Being. I believe it is working. When I know it is, I will let you know. . . Vito

* * *

I feel that I am an explorer and an adventurer into the unknown. Of course, my life before was unknown also, but it was preset by the expectations on how I was supposed to be and act. It seems like parents, the churches, the government, and society as a whole have an idea already on how and who I was to be. And I fell for it.

Act is truly an accurate word to use. I felt for a long time that I was acting my way through life. Doing things and being what was expected of me. There were the occasional catching of the sweet ‘whiffs’ of what a true Vernon would be like. It kept me alive and interested. Probably also gave the illusions to others and to mySelf that I was operating outside of the box. I have discovered, since (and sense) that it was not the ‘oppressors’ keeping me from Me. It was Me! . . Vernon Vito Johnston

* * *

I didn’t know. I didn’t know that life could be so great. I really didn’t. . . Vernon Vito Johnston  sez  Good Night!

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