I get emails from readers who have been diagnosed with cancer letting me know that they are going on the baking soda molasses protocol, some version of their own protocols, or some other diet or special ‘cancer fighting’ program. I honor anyone who takes charge of their health and dances their way to health; or at […]

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Vernon aka Vito on October 26th, 2010

The Burzynski Movie. . . I didn’t even know it was a movie until I noticed that someone posted it on FaceBook. Has anyone seen it? I first read about him in Suzanne Somer’s book “Knockout.” She speaks highly of him and his cancer treatment. Here is Stanislaw Burzynski’s clinic’s website http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/. Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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Good Evening. . . a reader replied to the unsigned MD email that I posted a few days ago concerning my ‘appalling lack of knowledge about medical science.” Here is that reply, and then my reply to the reply. . . (and by the way, I do have an appalling lack of medical science. I am […]

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I received this email from an unidentified reader. From: MD md@hotmail.com Message: Please take down your website. It is inappropriate and your knowledge of medical science is appalling. Your PSA went to 0.1 and your bone lesions regressed temporarily as a result of your cassodex treatment. Unfortunately, you will eventually become refractory to hormone therapy. […]

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Vernon aka Vito on October 14th, 2010

Question from a YouTube Viewer of me showing how to mix molasses with baking soda: “Do you think baking soda will work for any type of cancer. I had two woman from a prayer meeting tell my husband not to do chemo, but to use baking soda. So if you do not mind could you […]

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Here is an introduction letter to Wanda Cline and what she did to reclaim her health. Wanda’s dance was with breast cancer that metastasized to other parts and organs of her body. She turned to natural healing methods after chemotherapy quit working (Of course, it never did work)! The core of her program is the Johanna […]

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I am taking a little vacation – visiting my family in the Willamette Valley in the state of Oregon, USA. While here I have been studying Johanna Budwig’s work about cancer and heart infarction. The books I am reading are “Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer, and Other Diseases”, “Cancer: The […]

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I received an email inquiring about the drug finastride that was prescribed to me after I was first diagnosed with class IV prostate cancer that metastacised to the bones. Here it is: “Hi Vernon, I am Arrow Durfee from www.HealthSalon.org I suppose you won’t be too surprised to find out that you are being discussed […]

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Vernon aka Vito on August 19th, 2010

Sometimes my thoughts lead me down a path that I do not want to go. My belief system is such that it is vibrating between an understanding that the thoughts that I think, lead me to where my thoughts are pointing or where the thoughts of others are pointing. My goal of course, is to […]

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Vernon aka Vito on August 9th, 2010

Starting out reclaiming one’s own natural health can be a bit tricky. The tricky part is that a person has to lose that natural health. In our society today, where disease and fear of disease runs rampant it is quite easy to “catch” something. I explained a bit in a previous post about how I caught something, […]

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