Vernon aka Vito on August 17th, 2010

So now what? However I did it –  through a strong alkaline diet, Budwig diet, or some sort of baking soda complement or jolt – I managed to reach my desired goal of alkalinity .  Or I had this crazy dance with cancer and I want to maintain a 60/40 or a 70/30 alkaline diet. I […]

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Vernon aka Vito on August 4th, 2010

Jim Ehmke, in his interview hosted by Jini Patel Thompson of “Listen to your Gut”  he says, “Baking Soda (alkaline diet), Ozone Therapy, Detoxification, and Emotional Work” is what it is really all about when it comes to Alternative Therapy and working with cancer. I spoke about alkaline diet and emotions on a previous post […]

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I cannot imagine what people feel like when ‘Chemo or Radiation Day’ approaches. Towards the end of my last baking soda molasses solution, I started feeling a little overloaded. I was experiencing the sweats I felt the first time over two years ago, and like the ones Don described in his successful baking soda protocol. The […]

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4:30am Laid in bed not really wanting to get up. Hit the sack 12:30am the previous day. Did get up and did do a urine pH check. Showed 8.5+ on a pH stick.   5:00am PTR/DJP Breathing for 50 minutes. After I got into it I started counting the seconds that I would inhale and […]

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8:30am Saliva pH check time. The pH Stick came in at 7.0 to 7.25.  The paper strip reading was 7.2 to 7.4. Today I am moving to a next level of drinking baking soda molasses solutions. I am going to drink the solutions 3 times a day approximately 8 hours apart. Starting now. 8:31am Easing into 3 times […]

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Woke up with a little headache. I don’t usually get headaches, so I know this is part of the baking soda molasses solution ritual. It went away after I did some PTR Breathing. Checked saliva pH @ 7:00am. The Stix showed 7.25 while the paper strip registerd between 7.6 and 7.8. I’m thinking that cannot […]

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7:30am Good Morning! Noticed that I was a little headachey during some of my sleep and when I woke up. Did a little PTR Breathing and headache went away. Checked saliva pH. The Stix showed 7.25 and the paper strip showed 7.2. Thinking about upping the dosage of baking soda to 2 teaspoons twice a […]

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Day four, here I am. It is  8:25am, time for my saliva pH check. With pH Stix the reading was 7.25. With the pH paper strip is was 7.3.  My last baking soda molasses mix solution was yesterday at 3:45pm. That was when I was doing a video on mixing the solution. Hopefully it will be […]

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Vernon aka Vito on July 11th, 2010

Here is Donald J Porter’s Cancer Baking Soda Protocol he sent me. He used it to take on cancer and reclaim his health. You can see his introduction to this protocol at Don also expressed the importance of Breathing, Alkaline Diet, and Exercise. He included the vitamins, minerals, and special foods took during his return to health protocol. […]

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Donald J. Porter was diagnosed with killer prostate cancer that metastacized to his bones. I have had many people contact me saying that they wanted to hear from ‘another who experienced like success.’ Well, here it is! You will find validating similarities to the ones expressed on ; plus much much more. This is Donald’s story: I am frequently asked: How […]

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