“The most dominant premise that is misunderstood in your physical reality is that when someone performs something that you disapprove of, it is a good idea for you to point it out, or you might get more of it. When the reality of it is, the more you point at what you do not want, the more you hold yourself in constant pattern of Vibration that disallows what you do want.”. . . Abraham Hicks

I picked up that quote premise a few monts ago and have been seeing how it fits with who I am. The reason I was attracted to it is because I do have and have had a tendency to point out things offered up by other people that I do not agree with. It used to be that I would put myself in attack mode when there was a differing opinions from my own. This was especially true when it came to religion. However, now I am much more accepting of different view points. I am beginning to understand that everyone has their own ideas, feelings, and thoughts about who and how they are.

The reason I bring this up now is because I have been recently tempted (haha) to challenge the’ beliefs of others when it comes to the Xmas/Christmas season.  I couldn’t put my finger on my discomfort, until I remembered the above quote. I really appreciate it.

I also noticed a reference in the inspiring encouraging letter that Curtis John Mitchell wrote to Frank who was dancing with cancer at the time. Curtis spoke of one of the biggest challenges to overcome were the beliefs of others – including the doctors,  and I suspect family, friends, and strangers were also in that paralizing group. .  . Vj

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2 Responses to “Stay sick or get well: Whose choice is it? Dominant premise”

  1. heather says:

    my first thought was – Not sure what I got out of this, but I felt lighter/freer after reading it. it seems to be something i had been practicing in some areas, unknowingly. now maybe i can willingly apply it to other areas.

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      I love it Heather. . . I love what you wrote, the quote, and what Curtis John Mitchell’s letter to Frank.

      Lately, I have been noticing that I am making an effort to not be affected by other people’s actions or words. Case in point, was me playing 2-handed pinochle. When I would get a good hand, somehow the cards got messed up on the deal, and I had to give up my ‘good’ hands. It happened twice. The first time I let it fester and it affected my game. Gradually I brought in better feeling thoughts to supplant my ill will towards the other player and my ‘bad luck.’ It takes much practice for me, but I am getting it. . .

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