Some of you, I am sure, will relate very strongly with what I experienced. Some of you may even cry. When I read it I cry – and I wrote the thing. I am even crying a bit now just recalling what I experienced. Some of it devasting and some of it joy! I really like the joyful part. 


    Just by being who I am and having experienced this ‘thing’ I get frequent requests from others who are having their own dance who want to talk to me.  So…I have talked to people via email, Skype, Instant Messenger, and the old fashioned way – face to face!  Seems like word of mouth is alive and well. .  .



Now…anything I make or do that relates to cancer and my dance with that silly ol’ crab, I want you to know that I accept donations. If you feel so inclined I have set up a PayPal Account.

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