One of the questions that I have asked mySelf the last couple years is, “How do you become the person who allows a healing to take affect?” In other words, why is it that some people will undergo the same treatment for a disease as others, yet not all are ‘cured’ or ‘healed.’ What is it? What is that ingredient the ‘healed’ people have grasped intentionally or unintentionally? I am not sure, and that is the reason for this exploration. It is a journey into the unknown.

Of course, if you have read the words on my website and my dance with cancer, you can see what precipitated this question. However, what really brought this question out of me are the many emails I have gotten over the last couple of years from people who have tried many of the healing modalities, including allopathic, naturopathic, and alternative methods of healing, with little or no success. Or the even more emotional letters from others who want to know what to do because what they did do to kill their disease worked, but only for a while – now, it has returned. They want to know what to do.

Maybe, just maybe we are already that person who allows the natural state of health to once again to reunite with ourSelf. Maybe, health is already a big part of us but for some reason we are hiding out from it, or forgot what it feels like to again be truly healthy. Perhaps it was a gradual deterioration of our body that was so subtle that we did not recognize it or feel it moving into our body. Maybe it was a little pain in the knee, or a twinge of  in the neck, or a tension around the eyes that said its ‘Hello’ to us and we accepted it as a part of just being a human. Maybe it was an emotional episode that struck fear, hurt, anger, or blame into our body. And being the good little ‘soldiers’ that we are we started accepting these hurts and pains as being part of the normal processes of being a human being – accepting them, holding on to the tension – emotional and physical – until the big bad ‘C’ word gets dropped on us by (in most cases) a stranger with a degree in medicine. Most of us were very healthy at one time, and I say that it is never too late to reclaim our health. At least if I am going to have a belief, that is the one I prefer to believe, and I am sticking to it!

That was my question, the one about “How do you become that person who can reclaim one’s health”, and I think it is a very good question. I hope to talk to others who are curious about this question. And I am certain that most people who get diagnosed with some deadly disease have asked that same question of themSelves, and could use a few answers. The goal of these words are not to give answers, but rather to discover them. One of the answers that I have suggested to mySelf that is related to this question is “It is not the responsibility of any doctor, lay person, or healing modality to permanently provide health to my being. It is my responsibility, and mine alone.” I am coming to the belief that any of these healing modalities are there for one reason only, and that is to suspend the disease long enough for me/us (if we so choose) to kick in our own natural health. In my case, it was a high alkaline jolt to my body via a baking soda molasses mixture that suspended it. My work, my job is to take that taste of health and run with it.

How did or how am I doing that? I continue to look for more ways to be healthy in my mind, my body, and my Spirit. The best way for me to accomplish this goal has been to make an effort to breathe and to relax. It sounds like an oxymoron to say “make an effort to relax” but in my case that is what I have had to do in order to truly relax. I could smoke a little dope, and that would most assurdly relax me. Or perhaps a beer or two, or even a glass of wine would relax me. But those relaxing methods are there only for giving us a ‘taste’ of what relaxation is or could feel like. The idea is to become the person who can relax on his or her own. That is a very good beginning in becoming the person who allows the reclaiming of one’s own natural health. More on this soon. I will include some of the things I have played with.

Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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