I get a lot of emails asking me if I have continued to do baking soda since receiving the ‘good news’ after that second bone scan. The first bone scan put me in the coffin with stage 4 prostate cancer that metastacised to the bones. People also ask about what diet I was on during and after the protocol. People want to know about PTR Breathing. Here are a few examples of some questions. I have included my replies.

Question: Vito, after you had your good bone scan results did you continue your baking soda treatment for a while before you went on the alkalizing diet and if you did what ph were you shooting for? Thanks

Reply:   Good morning Xxx. . . I was 64. I maintain a 7 plus or minus a bit, mostly in the sevens. My maintenance is acheived by primarily an alkaline diet which includes mostly vegetables and fruits, a little chicken or fish, wild rice, quinoa, some other rices, very little wheat product, buckwheat, honey, agave nectar, etc. Since switching to an alkaline diet I have not had a gout attack. I was getting one in each big toe twice a month. You can bet that I am very pleased with that change!
The other thing I do is
PTR Breathing on a regular basis. I love oxygen! I also work on my mind and Spiritual side. Which for me is always reaching for a better feeling thought. I also put a future in front of me. I learn new things and set plans to experience new adventures. Toss in a lot of appreciation and gratitude for where I am and who I am, then you can see why I am happy. . . Vito

Answer: Thanks for the email. . . I am glad to hear that the tumor shrunk a bit each time you did it. That is good good news! I certainly can identify with what you experienced when it came to diarrhea. I spent some time logged into the bathroom mySelf. I cannot even imagine what people must experience when doing Chemo or Radiation – especially chemotherapy. So, I stuck it out.
Was your body telling you to quit? If so, you did right in listening to your body.
Make sure you do the Breathing however, and start that now – either my PTR Breathing, Don’s Breathing, or a combination of the two. If you have a different way to do it that is ok. The important thing to do is to get that oxygenation working for you. The wonderful side benefit is relaxation. As far as I am concerned disease cannot survive in an oxygenated and a relaxed body. I use it as part of my ‘maintenance’ so to speak. There are gifts there for you.
The Breathing may help you in lessening the diarrhea challenge. Vernon “Vito” Johnston

Question: Hello, Vernon,

When I read your story it sounded familiar – then I checked the book
by Dr. Sircus, and there it is, bult without a name or other
attribution. I used the book to give this protocol a chance myself and
my prostate cancer. I did not “cure” it, but every time I did it the
tumor shrunk a bit. The reason I did not push it harder was because of
a strong diarrhea. Any suggestions about how to counter that?

Question: Dear Mr. Vernon, My name is Xxxxx and I live in Slovenia, a very small state in EU.
In year 2009 I got an e-mail from a friend of mine, describing your fight with cancer. I wished I would never need to go through your experiences but it happened that my husband got prostate cancer (diagnose was given on April 21st 2010).
The biopsy report indicated that 4 of 10 samples that were taken on different places of prostate were positive. PSA was 4,5.
The doctor suggested surgery to remove prostate in total.
He decided to try with baking soda therapy and in the meantime he is waiting for surgery that he would like to avoid if possible. He was extremely positiveregarding your experiences and drank baking soda for 15 days, checked urine PH twice per day. He went for another blood test  and yesterday he got PSA result that raised  to 5,4. I am kindly asking you for opinion, encouraging word or whatever you believe it might help.
With warm regards

Reply: Dearest Xxxxx . . . Then he has to do anything it takes to become that person that allows his natural health to return to his body  and his spirit. How would he do that? In my case, it was my great desire to ‘if I were going to live then I would live under my own terms and my own beliefs – and if I didn’t know what those beliefs and feelings were then I made it a point to find out and then live and become them’. Baking soda and oxygenating my body were part of it. I used PTR Breathing as a way to relax, oxygenate my body, and to discover those things about mySelf that were and are mySelf.
Start the PTR Breathing immediately, or at the very least – your version of it. At one point I was doing it for 3 hours a day, accumulatively. Things happen when doing it.  PTR Breathing is on my website and in the FAQs
Now back to the pH – what numbers did your husband achieve? In other words, what was his pH during that 15 days? Did he feel an oxygenation
going on in his body? What kind of diet? Did he eliminate sugar from his diet? Cancer loves sugar! Health loves oxygen and relaxation and
good thoughts. . . Vito

Reply Back: Dearest Vito,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your quick response and concern. My husband (his name is Jose) has started with PTR breathing
immediately and he cut sugar. Actually we thought that we eat healthy (very little meat, lots of vegetables and fruits) but the truth is that (My husband) is heavy smoker and he loves coffee. In the past he drank 6-8 coffees per day with  at least two spoons sugar  and he consumed lots of cookies because he never had any problems with his weight. He quitted with coffee and reduced his cigarettes to 5-10 per day.  As about PH: it was 6,7 when he started and now is at least 8,0. The
paper scale indicates PH from 5,5 to 8,0. He thinks positive and his organism is very strong. As a young boy he ate quicksilver and he survived. He is 68 years old.
I wish you health, joy and peace in your heart and soul.
Warm regards from Xxxx and Xxxxx

This is me talking live now. As you can see I get some very heartfelt emails. The more emails I receive and that I answer creates in me a stronger desire to discover the answer this question, “How do you become that person who allows natural good health back into his or her life?” 
Good Nigh! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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  1. Linda says:

    Dear Vernon,
    Thank you for your amazing story, and thank God that you found your cure.
    I have sent your links to my brother-in-law (in South Africa – I live in Oz now)
    I stumbled upon your site because a doctor treating me for UTI suggested I take “URAL” – I googled the ingredients and found your site …
    Would you please tell me why you used Blackstrap Molasses as a base for your ingredients?
    Thank you, Kind regards Linda

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