Here is an email from someone facing a biopsy of the prostate:

Hi Vernon, I just saw my doctor who told me my prostrate is enlarged.
I am 55 and got a score of 3.2 on my PSA test. (I studied all night)
LOL…sorry…anyway, I had been feeling some pressure in that area
and more recently a pain in my lower back centered around my tail bone
area. I have started with a BS+MS (maple syrup) of 1 tsp BS and 2 tsp
MP. heating it on the stove and it does foam up a bit, I assume that’s
ok. But what were your symptoms? What was your PSA? sorry if i missed
that in your info…

I am thinking about completing this regiment before any biopsys as I
have heard they are disruptive and can cause the cancer to spread.

Thanks in advance,

Here is my answer:

Hi John. . . thanks for the email. My PSA at the beginning was 22.3. I am not sure what my PSA was when I started the baking soda molasses protocol. I used black strap molasses as you probably saw on my protocol page – Don also used molasses for his dance with prostate cancer that metastacised to the bones. If you have not seen his story then please do – I believe others have had success with maple syrup.

My symptoms were that I was struggling with peeing and I had a tightness feeling in my pelvic area – no heavy duty pain. I believe Don had bone pain.

I also have read where biopsys can be disruptive. Has you doctor ruled out prostatitis (infection of prostate)? Here is one of many sites with prostatitis info – It is my understanding that sometimes doctors ‘forget’ about that possibility.

Here is my video of how I prepared the baking soda mix –

And here is a post and a series of days where I recorded my experiences doing an ‘Alkaline Tune Up’ using baking soda and molasses. This was over two years after my original adventure – You can type in ‘alkaline tune up’ in the search box to bring up all the dates. I went 10 days this time. First time was 12 days.

Again thanks for the email John. I am going to post this correspondence to the website blog. Your questions are very good, and will help others who may have similar questions. Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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7 Responses to “Question about cancer prostate biopsy, psa, baking soda protocol – prostatitis”

  1. june taylor says:

    Hi Vernon. I sent a comment before, regarding my recent diagnosis with ovarian cancer and my existing angina problems, which resulted in the need for a quadruple by-pass. I decided not to go with chemo, mainly because it terrifies me, and because I have no faith in it. I decided to start “The Protocol” on Saturday 4th September. As I am female, quite small framed and also 67 years old, I decided to adjust the dosage to hopefully suit me, ie 1 teaspoon bicarb, 1 teaspoon organic maple syrup, 1 cup hot, boiled water, once a day for the first four days, then twice a day for the remainder of the fourteen days to follow. I am at day nine so far.Prior to starting the “mix”, I started an alkaline diet, which I think gave me a kick start onto the alkaline pathway. My ph levels are 9.0 for my am urine reading and 6.5 for my pm saliva reading. I am so optimistic and really hope I am on the way to a healthy life. I am sheduled to see the oncologist on 24th. I hope to be in the position to show an improvement. Not that I expect much encouragement, as he is ONLY able to talk chemo to me. Still I am at least hoping for a blood test to see what’s what.I hope this also leads onto an improvement in my blocked artery problems, and ultimately to a reduction, or elimination in all the heart medication I take.
    Any chance of your letting me know your follow up “Protocol” and when you came off you heart meds?? Look forward to reading your reply if poss. Mnay thenks, June Taylor UK.

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      It is good to be optimistic – in fact, it is very very good. Attitude is extremely powerful. Alice and I were playing a hot game of dominoes in which I had a comfortable lead. But. . . I made a mistake and allowed my thoughts about that mistake fester. Meaning my thoughts and feelings kept coming back to my mistake. Even though I knew better, I did not pivot to a better feeling thought or emotion. I allowed mySelf to be a victim of my own thought process. And, yes – I lost the game. I laugh about it now!

      I also noticed that when we play, that if I get into a mood that I feel that nothing is going right for me – guess what? Nothing goes right! The more I feel sorry for mySelf, or feel anger because I am not getting good dominoes, the worse my draws are and the better Alice’s are. It is an excellent study – attitude and emotion.

      I posted a reply on from a previous post that you wrote. It was about the Budwig Diet. Did you get it? I will post it here:

      “Hi June. . . I have been studying the Budwig Diet and it looks like you have picked a good one. I have seen it before, but like the ‘cancertutor’, more or less shined it off. Now that I have studied it I can see that the fresh flaxseed oil must be mixed with the cottage cheese to make it water soluble. Which in turn, allows it to absorb into the body and use its ‘natural powers’ to re-ignite our cells. Among other things, it is also good for reclaiming a healthy heart. Champagne and fresh ground flaxseeds! Bottoms up! Vj”

      Hows your research on the Budwig diet coming? Have you started it yet?

      My ‘follow up’ protocol, so to speak, has been living with a healthy attitude, a vivid imagination, an alkaline diet, and exercise as in walking, water aerobics, and a little bicycle riding. Ocassionally, I will have a little baking soda/molasses water – not much though.

      I think I posted recently about my heart meds. Let me see if I can find them. . . Here are a couple that are close: and Without looking it up, I would say that I quit the heart meds almost 2 years ago. Did you know that the Budwig Diet purports to strengthen the heart? I am doing the Fresh Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese mix now. I can always use a stronger heart. The pool we do the water aerobics in is about 60 to 70 feet in length. I can swim under water the full length. That is an aerobic action for sure – not to mention a workout for the heart. I would love to swim underwater 2 lengths. Speaking of the lengths, i will measure the true length of the pool tomorrow. Vj

  2. june taylor says:

    Thanks so much for your reply. Good to know I was able to be of some help to you re Dr Budwig. I intend to use her cottage cheese in my maintenance programme, which I start tomorrow. I finish “The Protocol” today. Goodness knows how we will know if we are successful , but the ph readings are encouraging and I had the CA125 blood test on Wednesday. Results in one week.Feeling positive.
    We wish you and Alice health, wealth and happiness and hope we continue to communicate.

  3. Michael Ann says:

    Hi there…
    Was wondering if you know if you can do the Budwig protocol in tandem with the baking soda/maple syrup? I read somewhere that it over oxygenates the body, and is not good…Thanks! *Dr. Budwig also warned against using Ozone therapy on this diet too.. 🙁

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Thanks for the post Michael Ann. . . I do not have experience with using the protocol with the Budwig protocol. Others have written saying they used the baking soda in tandem with chemo and radiation. As far as over oxygenating. . . I am not sure. I am a proponent for deep foucused breathing and would not give that up for anything. The first time I got hope was during the baking soda protocol when it felt like my whole body and all the cells were breathing pure oxygen. It was something else! I also do not know anything about Ozone therapy. . . Vj

  4. Alma says:

    Can you use honey instead of the molasses? I bought honey today but don’t have any molasses in the house?

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Honey is fine. . . as well as maple syrup or agave. My understanding though, is that molasses is loaded with very good minerals.

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