I have heard things about breathing for health for many years, but shined it off. As promised I will tell my recently received story about Nose Breathing. I have since dubbed this breathing protocol – PTR Breathing.

My brother had never been to a high school reunion. He finally went on his 40th. He meet an old school buddy who hadn’t been to one either. He was instrumental while in HS to help my brother establish
a new name.

My brother told me that his friend had always been ‘special’ and when he asked his friend if any new philosophy going on, his friend pulled him off to the side and said,

“My family, when I was 11 years old, nicknamed me ‘The Breather’. I always had a connection with breath. My family saw deeper than I did
because this recently happened. I broke my ankle really bad. The
Emergency Room told me that it would be at least a 3 month heal. But, because it was so badly swollen the ER could not do much but wrap it up. Which…they did; and then told me to see my Primary Care
Physician when the swelling goes down.

Well ok, I have always been a breather and this was a golden
opportunity for me to apply my skill. I nose breathed for 3 and 1/2 days with my broken ankle as part of the focus. At the end of that time I went to my PC Doctor to take care of business. The swelling had gone down.   The doctor un-wrapped my ankle and said – What break?”

So (this is me talking). That is the story that got from my brother; and then a few days later I had the good fortune of hearing it directly from his friend firsthand. He is a very private person so I did not feel comfortable pressing him for anything else. Besides, I was in awe and did not know what to ask anyway. I hadn’t tried it and nose breathing was foreign to me.

Here is a little more that I learned. It is focused nose breathing – either relaxed or with intent. Breathe to the area that you want the attention to go – or not. It wont matter because the breathing takes over. Breathe through the nose on both the inhale and the exhale. Of course, considering the diagnoses I have had I was
definitely willing to try it. No…I was excited about trying it.

I found that deep breathing is good as well as medium breathing. I also found out there are different levels involved. It took me several sessions before I got the itch. And…I mean literally. After
breathing for 48 minutes I started itching all over. Scratch scratch!

I wasn’t worried about the itching because it felt good. According to ‘The Breather’ I had just experienced one of the levels. I have experienced other interesting sensations also. One such sensation was when my Dad showed up. He has been dead for over 10 years. During that time with my Dad, it was the first time I have ever felt fatherly love – ever.

This is very exciting for me – even more exciting then the Baking Soda and Alkalizing my body. Well…no! How can I say that! BS was instrumental in changing my dance with bone cancer. Anyway, I am playing with breathing in the ‘Essence’ of something. Something like an herb, or a thing, or a concept. Not the smell, but the embodiment of it. It may be another level. I believe it is. I can smell it (haha). Probably doesn’t matter though, because breathing has its own life and in my experience it gives life. . . vernonbvito

The Gift of Life is no longer folklore

. . . vito

Here is some correspondence that I received and transmitted about PTR Breathing with some of my suggestions at the end.

“Hi Vernon,
This so good to hear…that not only did you oxygenate your body with other means but with your breathing. I believe we often forget that it is through breathing that we oxygenate our bodies. IMO, breathing exercises is one of the best things we can do to flood our bodies with life giving oxygen thereby fighting disease.

You are a true winner against the medical establishment. ..you were unwilling to just sit back and let them make your decisions for you about your health. I cannot commend you enough.

I am not a big proponent of taking baking soda every day but you can bet I would take it until I got the all clear in whatever illness was dogging me…I know from personal experience baking soda does kill cancer cells.

Thank you for sharing your healing journey with us and may you stay forever healthy.


“tmititifg” <tmititifg@. ..> wrote:

Betty… I bumped this for you. It provides you with another option, especially since it is your lungs in question. I have an add-on since I posted this in September of 2008. Since you read my story on www.phkillscancer. com you know that the website story ended when I took my second ride through the bone scanner donut. Well, most of the doctors were not convinced that the bone cancer somehow disappeared from my pelvis. Some insisted it was hiding. One of the doctors even equated it to little dandelion seeds that will eventually push through the soil. It was just sitting there waiting to ‘sprout’ into what was there before.

So . . . the doctors took pictures of my liver, kidneys, and lungs. On each and every x ray, the doctors pointed out that there were very suspicious looking lesions, dark spots, and other things that I have no clue about. They ordered an intense look at each of these organs. The lungs were the most suspect because I guess prostate cancer likes to move into the lungs. Or at least that is what one of them told me.

Of course, I was not too excited about that situation. But my success with baking soda pumped up my confidence. I had 8 days to do something. I turned to PTR breathing. I put myself on a schedule of at least 3 hours a day of nose breathing for the next 8 days. I did not do 3 hours continuously. I totaled my sessions until I reached 3 hours.

Well, it sure felt good. And more importantly, when the lungs, kidneys, and liver were put under a bigger microscope, so to speak, the results were not what the doctors were expecting to find. They told me on each one that, “Well, I guess it wasn’t as bad as we first thought.”

Vernon www.phkillscancer. com

I suggest that a person who is not used to Breathing deeply, that they start out slow. Maybe 20 minutes a day, and even if those 20 minutes are tough, then do it in segments – say, 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. If one is serious though, then I would do an hour a day – as much time in a segment as possible.  I did 3 hours a day for 8 days in a row. It was a struggle in the beginning, but wonderful adventure that I would not give up for the world. Interesting things happen when the Breath takes over. Record the times, what is happening to you, and your feelings. Vito

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