My friend Heather from the SE part of the USA and I had a dialogue recently about Intention and Visualization.  I really appreciate this conversation; it helps my to clarify and strengthen my belief system. The words follow:

Heather: This reminded me of you. It made me wonder is this is the same as what you do/teach or if the saliva aspect heightens its effect. Tbis is what Heather was refering to:

A simple but powerful self-healing technique involving visualization, intention and – saliva!

VJ: Thanks Heather. . . I am certain about the ‘intention’ and the ‘imagination’ part, but know little about the saliva part. My experienced guess is that it works because focusing on the saliva guides a person away from themSelf so to speak. In other words, focusing on something physical (dripping faucet, saliva, breath) a person stays away from all thought. And most importantly, they stay away from negative thought. Vj

Heather: I never quite realized why no thought is so good. You just helped me see it was better than negative thoughts. The world just become a wee clearer, thanks!

But for me, focusing on the saliva made me feel like I was drowning. It was difficult, like oil pulling. When I had alot of saliva in my mouth anyway.

VJ: Of course then. . . drop the saliva! Drowning is definitely a negative experience (haha). Sometimes when I do the PTR Breathing, I move to counting my breaths – something like – one thousand one, one thousand two, and so on. This quickly puts me on track.  I picked this trick up after studying and practicing some of Don’s Cancer Recovery Protocol. Also, when I have positive thoughts and feelings I run with those. Even as you say, “no thought is better than negative thought”, those good feeling thoughts are the cats meow.  (I am adding this part to clarify the counting of breaths. I count as I inhale and as I exhale. Sometimes I hold my breath after the inhale and exhale. Generally the counting will go from 8 seconds a complete breath cycle to 20 seconds. Ocassionally I will do a breath that counts to 30 seconds)

And to add to your new understanding why negative thought is better, I might add that in most cases it is much easier for most people to focus on a mindless thing rather than on a stream of delicious thoughts. With time, effort, and practice, that will happily change. . . Vj

Also, do you mind if I post parts of this conversation on my blog? It would be helpful. Vj

Heather: yes you may post it,t but I am not sure that you meant to say ” …negative thought is better,”

I do find it easy to focus on good things but I enjoy counting and other activities too, but keeping alot of saliva at the same time made it stressful, just a little more than normal was ok for me. I think just getting more oxygen is also key. I have heard our air contains less oxygen now than it use to.

VJ: You are right. . . it was to read “And to add to your new understanding why NO thought is better”. . . etc. (grin, grin). Good for you for being able to keep up a stream of good thoughts and feelings. That is truly a gift many of us have left behind. . . therefore the ‘nothingness’ trick. Love, Vj

Heather: 🙂

Good Night! Vernon Vito Johnston

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