Here is an email about using bicarbonate of soda to help lower prostate specific antigen (psa).  Psa is  one method used by the allopathic community to measure trouble concerning prostate cancer.

My name is Rodger and I went on your BS & BSM, my psa at the time was 12.5 and after 12 days ( also used some cream from Larry Pope) my psa was down to 2.9  So I want to thank you for sharing and God Bless.

See the complete Blog post here.  Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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2 Responses to “PSA went down after Baking Soda Protocol. . . Prostate”


    protocal of pantoprazole

  2. william says:

    I have a psa problem it keeps going up I refuse dr’s medecenense
    Iheard about the baking soda I would like to know if that would help.

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