Jim Ehmke, in his interview hosted by Jini Patel Thompson of “Listen to your Gut”  he says, “Baking Soda (alkaline diet), Ozone Therapy, Detoxification, and Emotional Work” is what it is really all about when it comes to Alternative Therapy and working with cancer. I spoke about alkaline diet and emotions on a previous post with Jim Ehmke. He is an Internationally known nutritionalist and works with cancer patients. Jim also spoke about “Issues of Forgiveness – including one’s ownSelf”, Hormone Therapy, Supplements, and Belief Patterns.

Let’s talk Ozone Therapy.  To me, all that is is bringing more oxygen into the body. Oxygenation generators have been built and used, much to the consternation of the medical community. Even threats of banning or threatening doctors who utilize it or promote Ozoning. I am just learning about Ozoning via the use of IV. Jim recommends ozoning, and I looked up to see if it is legal. I heard it wasn’t, but here is what I found at this website:

Is Ozone Therapy Legal?
Ozone therapy is recognized in Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, French, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Romania and Russia. It is currently used legally in 16 Nations. Eleven in the USA like AK, CO, GA, MN, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC and WA have already passed access-type bills to ensure that alternative therapies are available to consumers. Physicians here can legally use it and other safe effective non-conventional treatments as an alternative treatment in their practice without being persecuted.

Efforts are also underway in CA, DE, FL, KY, NJ, MA, MO, VA and WY to pass similar legislation. The bill HR-1964/S1378 will provide greater access to our health freedoms allowed by our federal government.

I noticed that the word “persecuted” was used to describe what apparently some have had to go through when they admistered Ozone Therapy.. Makes me appreciately grin, knowing that those first brave souls put their careers and integrity on the line to get Ozoning to be gradually accepted. Jim Ehmke talks about such an individual in his interview.

My question is, or the sense I get from ozoning is that it floods the body with oxygen. When I compare it to PTR Breathing, Focused Breathing, DJP Breathing, or any other self induced means to bring oxygen into the body, then what is the hold up. Why isn’t natural breathing promoted as a way to oxygenate? Several things happen with natural breathing – the patient is empowered because they are doing the effort.  If the electricity goes out, or a tube of ozone malfunctions the patient does not have to worry because they are oxygenating their own body with there own body. Relaxation happens! When breathing on one’s own a mediatative relaxation happens, and when relaxation happens good things happen to the body. My understanding is that disease not only has a hard time surviving in an oxygenated environment, but also in a relaxed environment.

I must say though, that if one can get started with ozoning perhaps they will get the feeling of what oxygen can do, and that will lead them to going on their own. Especially if they are encouraged to do so from the practioners. I got my first hit of oxygen euphoria when I did my baking soda protocol to kill the bone cancer I was diagnosed with. My body’s system felt like I was breathing pure oxygen through nostrils as large as  wheelbarrows. It was as though every cell in my body had nostrils as big as wheelbarrows, and they too were breathing in pure oxygen. I loved that feeling. That was when I first got hope that I had a chance reclaim my natural health. Being diagnosed with a deadly disease is not fun. It felt like my soul was stripped from my body.

I will study this more. Currently, I am journaling about my PTR Breathing. I am doing 30 minutes to over 2 hours a day of Nose Breathing aka PTR Breathing. Hopefully, I will get to speak with Jim Ehmke about this breathing question. I have been in phone contact, and we are talking about getting together. I was hoping to interview him and then write about that interview here. If anyone has any questions that they would like be to ask, then let me know. You will get to know Jim better if you listen to his interview it may help you to formulate a queston or two that will benefit not only you, but all of us.

Jim also talked about the fact that when he takes on a client/patient he lets them know that there is going to be a lot of work for that patient to do. He wants them to know that it is going to be a full time job for a year. What better job could there be than taking back yourSelf in order to reclaim your health. I like it!

Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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2 Responses to “Ozone Therapy and Breathing for Cancer: Body Chemistry Must Change”

  1. Pat Werestiuk says:

    I live in canada and had surgery in 2010 for prostate cancer. pathology showed it was outside the prostate by 9mm. I have had bone scans and MRI’s and so far so good. I do have some dmage to my bladder from radiation therapy which causes blood in my urine. I have in the past done the ozone treatment and Vit C IV’s. I continue with the IV’S bi-weekly. My question is who distributes Salvestrols in Canada? Any other information would be appreciated. Thx.

  2. Veronica says:

    Just thought I’d put it out there that ozone is NOT benign…I have had a number of treatments that went well, but three weeks ago had a neural therapy ozone/procaine injection into my tonsil area which somehow caused a global confusion/amnesia/delirium/ which prompted my naturopath to take me to the emergency room. They, of course, xrayed and sedated me to the moon for 48 hours until I managed to pull out of it. No one, of course, can explain it….I found on wikipedia under “Oxygen Toxicity” many of the symptoms I had. My ND also pulled on my neck after the injection twice (adjustment?) which I think just served to “pressurize” the O3 into my brain/nervous system. It is important to realize that even “natural” substances, can and do throw the natural equilibrium off in the body. When using ANY type of Oxygenation therapy, know the symptoms of too much as well as too little.

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