Sometimes my thoughts lead me down a path that I do not want to go. My belief system is such that it is vibrating between an understanding that the thoughts that I think, lead me to where my thoughts are pointing or where the thoughts of others are pointing. My goal of course, is to walk in my own shoes and think and react to my own thoughts. That brings up the question, “Who should I listen to – mySelf or others.”  I guess this is a good time to talk about ‘Default’ thinking or living.

If anyone here is like I used to be, then you would understand what I am talking about. Living life by default means that I go through life walking in the paths created by other people. A lot of people, including mySelf, are influenced by what others have set forth as ‘truth’ in living. Even when it comes to reclaiming one’s own health, there are many different modalities, methods, and ideas on how to accomplish this feat. For instance, what diet should I be on, what thoughts should I have, who should I listen to, how many pills, vitamins, and minerals should I be taking, what should I be taking, should I be taking anything, what doctor or what expert should I be listening to, should I try collodial silver, alkaline water, honey instead of molasses, baking soda, breathe through the mouth or through the nose, hold the breath and count to 14, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and this list goes on and on.

I can study and research any or all these subjects and I will find pros and cons for each and every one of them. I can decide which to use because of the success ratio statistics show a stronger success rate than another. I can listen to stories from others who have tried certain things that worked for them, but did not necessarily work for others. It seems like a big crap shoot out there! You do something to help reclaim your health and then you hope. You hope that it works for you! If it does – good. If it doesn’t – then what? You go to the next one on the list of course, until hopefully you find which one lines up with you. Me thinks however, it is not a matter of a lining up with a system or protocol; it is more about oneSelf finally lining up with what feels good.

Default living is the opposite of intentional living. Intentional living is where I prepave, so to speak, where it is and how it is that I want to be or feel. I can do this in my mind or imagination. One of the ways I get there is by PTR Breathing, or just plain relaxing and breathing. Don’t be mistaken. It does take some effort. Can you imagine – taking effort to relax (grin)! Now that is an oxymoron.

Which brings me back to what precipitated this little blog note. I was feeling a little down lately. I wasn’t as full of the normal energy that I have become accustomed to feeling. It started affecting my thinking. I was feeling sorry for mySelf and had minor visions of deteriorating thoughts. I can’t do this! I have to turn my thoughts around to better feeling thoughts. So. . . I will do that! It is natural for me to be healthy. My body knows what to do; all I have to do is get out of the way. Relax and Breathe! Relax and Breathe! Good Night! Vernon Vito Johnston

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