I am coverting to a different format to help to with updates and to allow comments. I am still adjusting and adding pictures, as well as learning my way around this new system. The current style is just to get me started. Feel free to make any comments or email me.

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6 Responses to “New style and layout”

  1. Mark says:

    Nice look I like it.

  2. hayley says:

    Great Picture, and website, I always drop by your website to take a new look. bye

    • admin says:

      Thanks Hayley. . . I am most pleased that you like the new look. It is a better, more interactive way of moving thoughts about pH, cancer, alkaline diet, attitude, exercise, reclaiming natural health, and etc. What is it that brought you to this website? If you don’t mind my asking? Also, have you read the two new posts – one about reclaiming and retaining ones’ health, and the other about ‘cancer and exercise.’ Vitovern

  3. Kevin "Doc" says:

    I truly like the new layout. The dual menu system is a big plus and you can add and change the right menu, that’s good. I also like the added functionality that it gives. However, I don’t think it should echo all of the comments or you’ll soon run out of space for it.

    I like the CAPTCHA code authentication, saves you from the hassle of robotniks. That’s why I put in my email address with spaces. Who needs automated spam, live spam is bad enough!

    (on edit: only a valid email address will work. I hope it does not broadcast it!)

    I’ll give you more feedback when I go through the site with a fine-toothed-comb, so to speak!

    But, for now, great new site and the best of luck in administering it. I think it is an extremely important information set for all too many people to be allowed to languish even the least little bit!


  4. Harold Brownlow says:

    Dear Veron;
    You may want to get onto the RBTI regime. They, meaning the doctor who started it, is having great success in treating all kinds of illness, especially cancer. Google RBTI and you can get to their website. I have followed their posts for sometime and can find nothing that seems better, other than the The Creator Who is the Supreme Healer.

    Good luck, God Bless.


    • admin says:

      Harold. . . thanks for the info on RBTI. I bookmarked it. I appreciate your knowledge and always appreciate good luck and blessings. However number 1 – I currently cannot see any reason for me to navigate away from what has worked for me and away from that which is the subject of this website – namely, changing the pH of the body in the ‘you’ve-got-(stage 4 prostate cancer metastacised to the bones)-cancer-and-there-nothing-we-can-do-about-it-says-the-doctors’ emergency situation like I found myself in. However number 2, is that I am learning more and more all the time about the beauty and power of health and the power of the Self when ones’ back is against the cancer wall. I am lucky the doctors gave up on me. It more or less opened me up to the wonderful adventure, experience, and information that followed.
      Vernon “Vito” Johnston http://phkillscancer.com/vernons_dance_with_cancer

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