Yes. . . moving to a new location. I will have an inspiring view of the bay and a little more room. My wife and I have been living happily in our 25 foot Airstream. It is now time to go from living in 172 square feet to 634 square feet (and that includes the beautiful view). We are used to RV living. We traveled south from the state of Washington to Southern California for 5 years.

The traveling started sooner than that however. About 12 years ago we bought a camper to go on our pickup and headed south. We even drove to Mazatlan, Mexico. We loved the RV life so much that we soon sold the PU/Camper and bought a Class C motorhome. It was also a delight and lots of fun. We ended up getting a 35 foot ex Trailways Bus that was converted to an RV. We did 3 years going south in the winter and north in the summer. It was much fun. I actually lived by mySelf at Slab City for one season 2 years after I was diagnosed. Even spent about a year in Anza, California. I love it, and we still have the bus, which is self contained including 470 watts of solar panels. Thinking of bring the bus up north and utilizing the solar panels. But. . . not sure yet.

In any respect, I we have been busy engineering this move. It looks like it will be happening in 2 weeks. Vj

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9 Responses to “Moving – I am in the process of moving”

  1. Bob says:

    Looking forward to seeing the bus.

  2. Vernon aka Vito says:

    Me too. . . but may be awhile.

  3. gary price says:

    Vito, I don’t have cancer, and never will. but, I am interested in health, which is how I arrived at you website. I am your age, and have been thinking of building or buying some form of RV, maybe like your bus. since you have done it, what would you recommend. I have the skills to convert a bus, but am wondering if a ready made would be better. cost is a big concern. I figure I could put in around 10k or less, if possible. I am going to Mexico for a few months, and it seems like a great way to travel and live inexpensively. considering the cost of fuel, does it make sense if you travel somewhat frequently, and stay put for say 80% of the time? Gary

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Interesting Gary. . . where are you located? I have my bus parked in Anza, California. It has been wanting to go to Mexico, but I am staying up north in Washington. Bought a place and enjoying it. I would say traveling less frequently, or pulling a toad behind the bus that expands your range once you get to where you want to set up for a while.

  4. Ann Dussault says:

    A friend of mine has a niece, only 27yrs old, who is in complete denial of her melanoma cancer & won’t let the Dr’s do anything to her. Is BSmBS something that could help with melanoma?? I think it would be better than doing nothing. I need to get Mark S’s book too.
    I agree with all the things you are saying about the our thoughts, mediating and breathing and hopefully can find some help for her.
    I live in Anacortes, WA Where are you?
    Thanks for any suggestions. Ann

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Hi Ann. . . I got a couple of emails from people with melanoma and they said that the BSmBS helped. Yes. . . our thoughts are very important. Focused breathing works! Good luck to your friend. I would suggest that she start doing the deep focused breathing. If she needs help she can search the site for PTR Breathing, Don Porter Breathing, and CD Meditation. Vj

  5. Kat says:

    Hi Vito;
    I very much appreciate the info you have posted. Reading the info has given me a perspective and helped me with deciding on the direction to go. I admire your honesty and strength to share! Take good care of yourself.

  6. JC says:

    Please tell me about using the iodine on skin cancer (outside areas). Do you put it on topically, on the skin? Do you ever take it by mouth, inside? How many times a day do you treat the skin cancer? If taked internal how much? Do you know of other treatment(s) for skin cancer?

    Can it be used on melanoma? Thanks

  7. Muffet says:

    Cansema is great for Melanoma. You apply it yourself. Ships from south america.

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