What would that look and feel like. Well, “Look around less; imagine more.”

Albert Einstein told us that “The Imagination is more important than knowledge.” It has been years since I ran across those Einstein words. They made an impression on me way back then, but I could not figure out how to incorporate that “knowledge” (haha) into my life. I wanted to; just too damned lazy to make the effort I guess. Well, the words “Look around less; imagine more” have brought new life to my experimenting with the imagination. It was in the same chapter of the book that I posted about a couple of posts ago.

‘Look around less’ is telling me, “Vito, don’t pay attention to what others have already created as fact (A fact or a truth is nothing more than a thought that I continue to think – over and over and over; or what others tell me over and over and over again what it is I am supposed to believe). For instance, when I was a young boy being raised as a Cathoic, it was considered a mortal sin to eat meat on Fridays. However, fish was ok, but if I ate meat then it was truly a mortal sin. A mortal sin sounds pretty bad, right up there with murdering someone. If I had the knowledge I have today – look around less; imagine more – then sneaking a burger would not have weighed as heavily on me. But the big one from the Catholic era, was the good ol “You better not touch your private parts, or certain somethings may fall off”. Kinda scary for a little one. I sure admired those guys who figured out the BS early enough so they could grab onto their own ride through life, and not be saddled with some stigmatizing dogma.   `

If you want something, then focus on those wants with your imagination. It is very relaxing, plus it puts me in a very good feeling place. And it works! I have had challenges with learning the trumpet. My embouchure did not exactly want to cooporate. So I did the imagine the playing as I would like it to be – and ‘viola’, my sounds started coming better. Same thing when I would feel a tension in certain parts of my body. I think of those words “look around less; imagine more” and then my focus is centered on the relaxation part of me. Are there any limits to this? I don’t think so.

I am talking anything here. My primary focus now is good health. So why listen to all the naysayers and doomsdayers who want you to believe that death is knocking on your door and its name is cancer. How empowering is the imagination? Its power must be beyond my imagination, and I aim to find out! . . . Vernon Vito Johnston

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