Oh my. . . since I am still alive (smile smile smile) it is time to add to this website and to this little dance with cancer. It was 9 months ago that I last gave a presentation or added to phkillscancer.com. However, it is everyday that I receive emails from people around the globe who are looking for hope. They want answers to their own dance with cancer.  Those dances have not been limited to the prostate or to bone cancer. Those are the ones that partnered up with me over two years ago.

All kinds of people from all over the world have questions for themSelves or for their loved ones. These cancer emails include breast, lung, liver, skin, kidney, leukemia, colon, to name a few. The majority of the emails are emotionally asking for help and they would like it now. Some have gone the chemo, radiation, and surgery route only to be disappointed with the “It-came-Baaaackkkk-dammit!-Now-what-do-I-do?”syndrome. Others have gone or still are going the Holistic, Naturopathic route. These are generally considered much, much, much less invasive than what the Allopathic section of our society does to return cancer patients to their natural health.  

Some sent their own success stories – teas, herbs, greens, enemas, alkaline diet, and more. All of these I dearly appreciate. It means that success is out there!  And these happy emails also help to validate my own turn-around. Still, there are those who have gone the ‘alternative’ way, and yet it (the-big-bad-it) came back. Sometimes even  returning to a different area of the body.

Then there is that ugly word that I experienced – metastasized. I had no idea what metastasized meant when the doctors gloomily mentioned that word to me. I could not even pronounce it. It came out all garbled – like what my Spirit was feeling when I first got the ‘metastasized to the bones’ news.

Anyway, back to “Its baaaaaaaackkkk”: What do you do when something unwanted comes back? Do you move to a different house, state or country? Do you change your name?  Here are some words from an email I received recently:

“Hi Vernon,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am trying your baking soda and molasses recipe.  I’m up to 2tsps 3 times a day.  My PH appears to be about 8.0-8.2 right now.  I’m going for lab work today and ultrasound and ct scan next week.  The doctors want to do surgery after a few rounds of chemo.

I’ve been researching foods that metabolize as alkaline and trying to stay away from foods that do not.  Have you changed your diet in any way?  This is my 4th round of cancer.  This time it’s back in my liver (again).  I had lung and liver surgery in 2009 and chemo through Oct of 2009.  Obviously the chemo is not working and I’m looking for anyway to stop this illness in it’s tracks.  How did your doctors react when you told them about your protocol?

I look forward to hearing from you!”

Here is part of my response:

”Thanks for the email. 4th round of cancer? I will give my thoughts and my experience on the subject of recurring disease – especially cancer.

First of all though, I am sure that you and your Spirit and your thoughts about yourSelf changed after your first episode. So how much did you change? What did it feel like? ”

Now these questions are important. We must change. We must become a different person – a person that attracts only health and beauty. That is an important key! How do we do that? Vitovern

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7 Responses to “How Does Natural Health Replace Cancer: Alkaline Diet, Good Thoughts, PTR Breathing?”

  1. alice says:

    Is this responding correctly?

    • admin says:

      Hi Alice. . . I was wondering if you could write about your experience using Atomidine iodine? It would help a lot of people. Vernon “Vito” Johnston

  2. Hi Vernon,

    You asked me to respond on your site and it looks like it’s working. I’m on day 5 and will be upping the dosage. Still have pain in the groin and legs but believe things will get better. My PH was 7.0 this morning and will try to get it up to 8 or more. Yes, it’s a battle but one that I expect to win. I have a zillion things to do.

    (. . . . )Take care and God bless always…

    Your friend,


  3. admin says:

    Make sure Charles, that you do the PTR Breathing along with whatever baking soda protocol you decided to use. And when you are done with the baking soda, then continue to do the breathing. It will bring much need oxygen to the body, as well as relaxation. When the body is relaxed some very good things begin to happen. More info is here: http://phkillscancer.com/ptr_b.....for_health and here: http://phkillscancer.com/faq . . . VitoVernon

  4. Zack says:

    Breathing excersizes seem to help with a lot of health issues. This is good info but can you point me to any videos or detailed info oh how to do this PTR breathing?

  5. […] what precipitated this question. However, what really brought this question out of me are the many emails I have gotten over the last couple of years from people who have tried many of the healing […]

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