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Vito, can you tell me more about PTR Breathing?

Dear Kuni and Ann  and All . . . this is really easy. You are the guide! Lay down in bed or sit in a chair. Check the time to see when you start. Have a pen and paper handy to note how long you focused breathed. Also make notes of what happened, how you felt, and what emotions and images that came your way.

Start breathing – inhale exhale – through your nose. No need to count breaths. No need to push it to a fuller breath. That will eventually come. Just relax and breathe with nothing or everything in mind. It does not matter, because the breath takes over. If a thought comes, so what! Just enjoy it and breathe. Go as long as you can – breathe in and breathe out.
This oxygenated my system, much like the feeling I had when baking soda changed my pH. It felt like I was breathing pure oxygen and my breathing still feels that way – when I do a long session. A short session is powerful also. It may take a few sessions to get the feel for it.
I was a shallow breather, so my stomach did not move much. But . . . once I started PTR Breathing my stomach moved way out to allow more sweet oxygen into my wondrous body.  I felt/feel the movement into my pelvic area as well as my lungs and my chest. The movement massages my organs – liver, kidneys, adrenals, lungs, heart, prostate, bladder, etc. That is a serendipitous benefit – an important one. Mostly though just relax and breathe.
There will be a time when you will know when to focus on breathing into an area of your body or into another arena of your life. Another benefit is that you will be conscious of breathing even when your are active. A lot of us almost stop breathing during stress or during an event we are involved in. You will love the flow. You will love that it awakens more of the  beauty and  power of You, and of your body!. . . Vito
Hi Vernon…. I love love love your story.. it made me cry and smile at the same time!  My question is why use the molasses?  Is there a particular reason?  Also, was there a typo in one Paragraph of your?  \”That is when I decided to try baking soda. It was something that I ran across on the internet that suggested  that it too would raise my body’s pH. Now both of these pH lowering substances did not indicate they would be successful in killing bone cancer.\”  Didn’t you mean both of these pH raising substances??  I got confused here.  You are bringing us humanity’s rainbow that people can afford … thank you for sharing your joy with us.  Much love, Martha
Thanks Martha for the emotion and for pointing out “raising in lieu of lowering.” You were right on! I will change it. I used molasses because I wanted to do something to perhaps guide the bicarbonate to its target. All indication were that baking soda would not help with bone cancer. Research and a friend mentioned to me that a sweetner of sorts is added to those medical ‘cocktails’ designed for the xray to have an enhanced image. Cancer can smell sugar, and when sugar gets into the body, cancer whistles and the sugar comes running. So what the heck – I had molasses in the cupboard and I went for it. I suppose Agave or even honey would work, but I don’t know. I just know what I did! You are indeed a Rainbow Martha. . . Love, Vito

Hello Vernon,
I read your info and am delighted for you!
I do not have cancer but have a friend that does. I have given him your website and encouraged him to try PH adjustment like you did. I met a lady about three years ago that did the PH adjustment and was cured from cancer too!
My question is, “has your protocol been refined to exact amounts of baking soda, molassis and water doses and time intervals of doses? If so, what are they?
I am pretty thrilled mySelf. . . thank you very very much David. When it comes to protocol I tell my story on what I did. Each person  is an individual and they would have to decide what is the best dose and treatment for them. If I were to do it again I don’t believe I would change anything. What was important for me was to listen to my body. It told me when I was going too strong on the baking soda. Not sure if I would use molasses again. Its taste, after the fact, is disgusting. But at the time I could have cared less. Perhaps I would use Agave. However, I would have to think, “Why change something that worked for me!” . . . Vito Vernon

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