I don’t know about you, but those meds the doctors put me on some 2 plus years ago slowed me down and helped to pack on forty pounds. I lost quite a bit of it with the alkaline diet I put mySelf on. However, I really wanted to swim or do water aerobics. In Anza, California is was out of the question. Walking was my prime exercise tool. I did a lot of it. It was good for me mentally, Spiritually, and physically.

Now that I am in Birch Bay, Washington I have been blessed with three different swimming pool options – all of which have ‘Water Aerobic’ programs. Long story short, mySelf and my wife go to water aerobics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. What a gift! And what a difference it has made in the tonality of my body.

Of course, I still walk a lot. Like July Fourth’s two mile night time fireworks going walk along the bay walk. That was spectacular! This is what I posted on FaceBook:

“Holy Crap, its a war zone around here. Birch Bay, Washington is an unincorporated city, so FIREWORKS are not illegal. For a 4 mile stretch along the Bay, hundreds of people shooting off major and minor fireworks. I have not seen anything like it. It was a thing of beauty, fairly cooperative, and clean. Of course the 10 sheriff cars and one huge paddy wagon may have had an influence :). Regardless, twas spectacular.”
Anyway. . . the point I am searching for is that physical exercise is good for we cancer dancers. At least it has been good for me. Very few people know this, but I was also diagnosed with some pretty bad heart symptoms around the same time that cancer knocked on my door. The water aerobics and the walking have helped move me towards health and well-Being. 
For those who are unable to exercise yet, (did you catch the YET?) we will talk about that later. The subject we will explore will be exercising in the mind, much like top-notch althletes do. My understanding is that the body does not differentiate between the body doing the exercise or the mind doing the exercise. The benefit is comprable.
By the way, I am no longer on meds. I have not been on meds for between 1 1/2 years to 2  years. It depends on what meds. I think it was October or November of 2008 that I started seriously backing off of the prescriptions. Of course, we all chose what to do, and that is what I chose. Vitovern

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