I listened to an interview hosted by Jini Patel Thompson of “Listen to your Gut” fame. The interviewee was Jim Ehmke, an internationally known nutritionalist and health counselor who basically says that to cure cancer one must change their body chemistry. How do you do that? He listed 5 or 6 items. The first on his list is:

1. Emotions – Jim said that emotions extremely influence body chemistry. In my case, I have to agree whole heartedly. As far as I am concerned cancer started setting its ugly claws into me 25 to 30 years ago when I would not release a certain anger. As the interview progressed the hostess actually said, “Cancer is caused by the inability to express anger appropriately.” (Bear in mind that I am going from notes and memory here. I do not have a transcript of the interview, but it is worth getting if I can get it) But. . . when this cancer dance hit me that is when I began to change. Family and friends that knew me, told me that I was getting a softer personality. I believe they were right. Being hit by death woke up a different emotional part of me.

To talk about expressing anger a bit more, what I learned is that I held some of my main issues in. I accepted them as being part of me, and they literally started eating away at me. Duh! That culminated in being diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that metastisized to the bones. I am sure this anger thing is more complex than something that angered me 25 or 30 years ago. Bottom line is that I held it in, or learned to live with it. (Actually die with it would be a better terminology). One of the things cancer taught me was to let go. Let go of those nasty thoughts of ‘poor me, poor mistreated victim me’ and reach for better feeling thoughts. That I did and continue to do today. I am always reaching for thoughts and emotions that feel good. Not to say that negative thoughts do not enter my world. They do, but now I use them as spring boards to bounce me into focusing on better feeling thoughts. I love it!

People have emailed me and said, “Vito, I had cancer and after surgery, or chemo, or radiation, or some alternative treatment it went away. Hooray! But Vito – it came back! What do I do?” The first thing I  compassionately ask is, “Did you change? Did you emotionally start looking and feeling things differently? Has your diet changed? Did your life style? How about your belief system? Did you discover some things about yourSelf that you did not know previously? You must have changed? Going through an emotional dance with cancer has to change you?”


 2. Diet – and when you listen to the interview, you will note that he is talking Alkaline Diet. Jim Ehmke specifically spoke about the virtues of baking soda, and its role it plays with cancer. Baking soda is generally put at a pH of 12 in most pH charts. Of course, I was happy to hear that. Anytime anyone speaks positively about using baking soda or bicarbonate as part of a protocol I feel happily validated.
Jim spoke about fruits and vegetables being the most alkaline of the food groups. He said that there are a few exceptions to that rule, but for the most part a  complete go on all fruits and vegetables. He did not really get specific about what is or what is not acidic or alkaline foods. Jim did mention that nuts were a little further down the chart as well as grains and legumes being further yet. I found it interesting when he spoke about proteins. Cooked meats are acidic, but (listen to this) raw meats including beef and fish are more on the alkaline side. Rare prime rib here I come! Grin! Just kidding about the prime rib. I am not ready for red meat.

I find this interesting because lately my wife and I have been finding ourSelves drawn to and enjoying the pleasure of eating marinated raw Ahi fish that is only seared on both sides. Very good by the way, if anyone wants the recipe.

I will talk in a few day about diet and the remaining 4 items on “How to Change Body Chemistry to Reclaim Ones’ Health.”  More Jim and Jini interview later.

Another statement that came out is that “Cancer loves an acid environment.” That surely means that it hates baking soda.

Here is the URL for the Jim Ehmke Jini Patel Thompson interview: http://www.listen2yourgut.com/alternative-treatment-cancer.php

Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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