When I get emails from concerned people diagnosed with cancer or are friends or relatives of one dancing with cancer, I almost always recommend focused breathing. Why? Because it brings much needed oxygen to the body’s cells, it relaxes, it puts one in a meditative state, and it is something that one can do on their own. It is very powerful and self empowering.  It also relieves pain.

Here are my 3 recommended Breathing protocols: PTR Breathing –http://phkillscancer.com/ptr_breathing_-_focused_breathing_for_health. And then Don’s take on PTR Breathing – http://phkillscancer.com/baking-soda/djps-cancer-baking-soda-protocol-breathing-protocol-and-more, and this one that I am enjoying right now and feeling its power – http://phkillscancer.com/natural-treatment/deep-words-thoughts-feelings-about-health-cancer-abraham. I call it a godsend.

I am doing the Meditation/Breathing Cd and find that it is starting to open up little cracks in my old way of thinking and feeling about the nature of reality. It has only been about 10 days into my playing, breathing, and meditating for the recommended 15 minutes a day, so my journey is new. If you get the Cd, perhaps we can compare notes.

The best price I found is at Amazon.com .

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4 Responses to “Do the Breathing. . . Reclaim health. Reclaim ones’Self.”

  1. Vernon aka Vito says:

    Don’t know what Amazon is doing, but I got mine from them for less than $15.00. If they don’t get it together soon, then you might check Barnes & Nobles, Hay House, or other book stores. Vj

  2. […] help but notice that Curtis closed with the word “breathe’ in his letter. I love that breathe thing. Anyway, congratulations to Frank and to Curtis. This letter is indeed inspiring. Good Afternoon! […]

  3. […] natural rightful health. I love words above. They make much sense to me. I spoke earlier of this CD and breathing. I speak of it again. Also thoughts are important.  Good night! […]

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