A recent email I received:

Hi Vito,
  I emailed you this past May regarding my husband. He had T4N1 prostate cancer that has spread.
  I really believed in what you said you did. Anyone can say anything on the Internet. I gave your story credence because your site didn’t sell anything. I believed you were spreading “the word” because you found something that worked and wanted to help people.
     My husband did the bs/molasses three times. He then asked about your site. I gave him the address last night.   Needless to say, it isn’t the same as it was when I first looked at it.
 It took him about a minute to determine you are in this to make money. The depression your site put both of us in is more than I can convey in words. We are both without any hope he can beat this.
 If this really worked for you, great. If this was a scam to make money from people with a terminal disease desperate for some hope of a cure outside conventional medicine,  then shame on me for being so gullible.
  My greatest frustration right now is knowing I will never know if you were telling the truth or not. Nxxxxxx

My reply:

Nxxxxxx. . . I am on social security and live on $870.00 per month. My intention for selling items is to pay for the cost of my webpage. Believe me it does not come close. I might, on a good month, make $5.00. Three people over the course of the almost 2 years that I have had the site up have donated a few dollars.

Get out of your depression. . . that is one of the worst things anyone can do when they desire to reclaim their health. Reach for a better feeling thought – always. And don’t let anyone else’s action determine who you are, who you want to be, and who you are becoming. Self empower yourSelf.

Plus I am not the only one who has recovered using baking soda. If you can handle going to my ‘money making’ website, take a look at this:


Vernon “Vito” Johnston- end of emails (so far)!

The most important thing about these emails is the word “depression.” Depression is a deadly feeling. When I look back to over 2 1/2 years ago when I first got diagnosed with terminal cancer, it was not depression that I felt, but rather numbness. I was in a fog, and I was very sad. However, the feeling was very close to depression. I have had a previous experience where depression dominated my feeling mode.

When I was in the restaurant business some 25 years ago I decided to expand the business by opening another restaurant. It was a lot of work with a lot of risk, and all this on shoestring budget. I did it though! Got it opened and running. Some days were good; some bad. Eventually the bad overtook the good, and it wore me down. I closed it. My body and my time was spread too thin. Also, my management skill were suspect. I blamed mySelf for the inability to make a go at it.

After closing the new restaurant, that left my other restaurant for me to focus my energy. Well believe me, I did not have much energy. I sapped it all out of me by being depressed. I felt like a failure. That first month was terrible. I felt like curling up into a ball; and I did. It was truly depression, and I felt dead. This cancer business however, was a different matter. I never did feel dead – only numb, like in ‘my body felt like my Spirit was stripped away.’

The reason I bring this up is because in my experience depression is the worst feeling in the world. There is not much there to grab onto, or hold onto to bounce oneSelf back up. Depression does not even allow for hope. I noticed that the emailer from above mentioned, “We are both without any hope he can beat this.” That then qualifies it as being depression – no hope. So now what do you do? You reach for a better feeling feeling or thought. Anger is a good place to start. Be angry at me, or the doctors, or society, or Aunt Betty, or Uncle Joe. It doesn’t matter, but it does because at least anger is an emotion that feels better than the deep deep cravice of depression. Anger shows some life. So feel anger. Don’t stay there too long. Just long enough to get out of depression. Then move on to another better feeling thought or feeling. It works!

Of course PTR Breathing works also.  I didn’t know about the wonders of focused deep breathing. Nose breathing, as some call it, brings in a sense of relaxation and Self. Those are two very good things to have in anyone’s bag of tricks.

You just cannot operate in depression. It is too dead and too non feeling. . . Vernon Vito Johnston

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7 Responses to “Depression: worse feeling than cancer – is this a money making website?”

  1. Kevin "Doc" says:

    I know Vern/Vito personally and have for more than 6 years now. If there is a less mercenary man on earth it would surprise me. He has kept this site going through changes, through ISPs, and through his own recovery – I might even say at the expense of his own recovery as he could probably be doing more for himself and less for his constituency as far as I am concerned.

    No,folks, this is a labor of love for him! It is because he has received a tremendous gift – the gift of life and he wants to share that with anyone who needs a little more of what he has found.

    Is he a “Mother Theresa?” NO, and believe me, he has expenses relating to keeping a website in operation, expenses that have not been paid by his ‘public.’

    So, just because he has lately been accepting a few sponsors (and it IS only lately as he kept this site out-of-pocket for years) doesn’t make him a money-grubbing commercial huckster.

    He recommends some of the products that he uses, some of the products that helped him to save his life, and some of the products that will help you save yours too if you find yourself in the same boat that he was at one time.

    Vito, you keep up the good work and live the life that you have chosen and saved!

    With love from one of your staunchest friends,


    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Thanks for the kind words Kevin. I really like the definite no-likeness to Mother Theresa comment(grin)! I am still laughing about that. Here’s to you and to your art. Clink! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

  2. Tina Louise says:

    I believe I have just about devoured every word on this website this evening and as I research for a living… am pretty adept at spotting liars, frauds and schemes; the words I have read are real, reassuring, human and simply wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible journey and continuing to update, you have given a face and soul to the picture of handling cancer… the fact that you ‘dance’ with it is the most telling of your truths.

    Tina Louise

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Very nice website Tina Louise. Poetry it seems, has breathed life into you. I especially like “Hush.” It reaches out and reaches in. . . Vj

  3. Tina Louise says:

    Thank you for the lovely words, actually, thank you twice… you replied to my mum this evening and your reply, like your site, is proving to be the best thing to happen since her diagnosis with ovarian cancer. She is June Taylor and her comment, along with your empowering, optimistic, enlightening reply is here:

    I went straight to your poetry when I found your site, I can tell so much about a person by the words they call poetry… and yours is so very human, soulful, real and a pleasure to have wash over me.

    Thank you again for being such a damn nice guy and sharing your valuable insights, I (and my mum) will keep you up-to-date about our progress when we start your Protocol after 3rd September.

    Tina Louise x

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  5. melvin says:

    @tina louise, what was the progress of your mom? did the treatment worked? please share hope to us…

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