I couldn’t help mySelf. The quote below showed the very day after posting my thoughts and feelings about thoughts and feelings on cancer and reclaiming one’s health. They are some very powerful words, especially for those of us who continually seek to understand the connection between the Self and Wellness. I hope you enjoy the words as much as I do.

“While it is obvious that a good-feeling body makes for a more pleasant physical experience, we want you to understand that finding pleasant things to focus upon also makes for a good-feeling body.

However, most humans are approaching the subject of their physical well-being in a backward manner. Most people who are experiencing physical ailments let their physical condition dictate their mental attitude. In other words, their emotions are responsive to their physical condition. When they are in pain, they offer emotions of frustration, worry, anger, or fear. They want the condition to improve so that their emotional state can improve.

Any illness, or departure from physical well-being, begins at a cellular level—but the overwhelming propensity of your cells is that of thriving. All day, every day, your cells are reclaiming balance at such refined and subtle levels that most people are completely unaware of the power and intelligence of their cellular bodies.

Focusing upon good-feeling objects of attention is the most effective way of providing the optimum environment for allowing unhindered cellular communication and the ultimate thriving of your physical body.

— Abraham “Esther Hicks”  One can get an instant Mp3 or 4 download direct from their site for less the $15.00. Here it is: http://www.abraham-hickslawofattraction.com/lawofattractionstore/product/GMD_1-DLD-zip.html

The words are a preview of a Meditation CD and Guide coming out later this year. I will get it. Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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4 Responses to “Deep Words: Thoughts & feelings about health & cancer – Abraham”

  1. Bob the drummer says:

    Excellent thought on focusing the mind.

  2. Vernon aka Vito says:

    The Breathing pattern is a different syncopation. It is a 1. . . 2. . . 3. . . (breathe in), and then a 4. . . 5. . . 6. . . 7. . . 8. . . (breathe out). Very exciting indeed. All this done to the timing of the music and the words. Relaxtion comes. . .

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