Frank, who used his version of the baking soda protocol plus other things, was kind enough to send me this inspiring letter from Curtis John Mitchell.  Frank mentioned that this letter had a huge impact on him and his recovery from terminal prostate cancer that metastacised to the bones. Here is the letter:

“Hi Frank,
    Enjoy the experience of Cancer. It can be more fun than folks lead onto; more beautiful in the moment than society can grasp. Find your breath in the moment and you’ll be able to observe and be in line with whom you really are from your true place of being. Cancer does not exist with whom you really are and nor will it ever affect you there.
      I think the hardest part of the journey such as Cancer is other people’s beliefs. Be aware of them and how they limit you. Some folks move beyond the diagnosis of Medical Doctors when they believe they can. My prognosis was paralysis and/or death and either I’m still dreaming when I snowboard and hike mountains and kayak and do all the things they said I would never do again, or beliefs play a large role in reality and maybe miracles are more in line with them.
Breathe, Mate!
Curtis John Mitchell,
New York”

I couldn’t help but notice that Curtis closed with the word “breathe’ in his letter. I love that breathe thing. Anyway, congratulations to Frank and to Curtis. This letter is indeed inspiring. Good Afternoon! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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15 Responses to “Curtis John Mitchell: Inspiring Health Death Cancer Paralysis letter”

  1. Frank Burdett says:

    Hi Vito,
    A correction on my cancer. I had a melanoma removed from my lower neck on the left-hand side. It was a deep-seated melanoma.The surgeon removed it and also twenty of my lymph nodes as well. These, the doctor said, showed no signs of cancer, so that is good news. Two weeks later I had another lump in the same area. This also was removed. In another week, I had another, and another. Then I was advised to take a twenty-course of radiation as the cancer was increasing. After the radiation a few weeks later I had yet another two. I was advised to have my third CT scan and it was discovered that the cancer had rapidly spread to both my lungs and liver, and that there was nothing further that the medical profession could do, except arrange for palliative care people to call on me.

    Frank Burdett

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Thanks Frank. . . I certainly messed that one up. So, how long ago was that, and what happened then? How long were you given to live?. . . Vj

      • Frank Burdett says:

        G’day Vernon!
        No worries! In July, 2010, I was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma cancer and given up to six months to live. I recently informed my GP that I wouldn’t be having a CT scan in January 2011 as suggested by him. My reasons were that I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone because I know how I feel! Besides, knowing that CT scans have a degree of radiation I was being cautious.

        Thanks muchly for your input, Vernon! It’s been an interesting journey all right!
        Take care . . .

        • razvan says:

          Hi Vernon,do you know anything about Frank?how is he now?thanks alot!

          • Vernon aka Vito says:

            Yes. . . he sent me a note recently. This is part of it “Just to let you know that at the end of May I had three CT scans and a
            bone scan which showed that my body has no signs of cancer.” There was and had been other complications which he addressed and he was encouraged by his oncologist to write a book – which he is doing. . . Vj

  2. […] also noticed a reference in the inspiring encouraging letter that Curtis John Mitchell wrote to Frank who was dancing with cancer at the time. Curtis spoke of one of the biggest challenges to […]

  3. Heather says:

    I can attest that Curtis lives outside other beliefs and he’s living an inspiring life!

  4. Bill Otinger says:

    Thank You Vernon

    I think the Baking Soda & Pure Maple Syrup Canceer Cure was started by a Old Time Dr in North Carolina

    Thank You for Helping other People, Also in Italy a dr Mencinni is curing People with Pure Baking Soda, they have his films on the internet & youtube He is Injecting Baking Soda either directly on or in Cancer it is Shrinking 50% overnite
    Also Dr Mencinni is Curing Melanoma Cancer with a Baking Soda pack taped on Cancer for a few days

    Other People might benefit from the Dr Bob Beck Protocal, they tried to hide the mild electric shock from the Public Also Iam making my own Collidal Silver Water, Silver Rods & Batteries cost total of 37.00, It sells for $950.00 Gal, I make my own for about $1.10 gal, take two table spoons day

    God Bless You Vernon, Hope you have many good years

  5. I have been diagnoised with stage iv breast cancer and your story has inspired me. I am going to a naturalist now and have spent all kinds of money to improve my health I am going to add this one to my list and I felt lead to start taking potassium on Sunday. Thanks for the video and the testimony. I Pray it will help me too. I already have the ph paper from amazon order a footbath ionic has not come in yet. Thanks for the baking soda and maple syrup

  6. Dr. Herb Green says:

    Diagnosed with prostate cancer 10/31/11 (17.4 (+7 Gleason). Not spread to date.

    Began second phase of alternative therapy (not particularly convinced of overall outcomes of chemo and radiation, seeds or removal). Began taking Cellfood, Graviola, and using baking soda and molasses therapy about 13 days now. Question? How long should I do this since I do have some blood pressure concerns.

    My urine pH is a steady 8-9 (not necessarily the same as blood pH). I also do juicing fruits and vegetables (Dr. Robert Young, pH Miracle book) does not believe in sugar at all, even in juices). I still need to reduce my sugar more, but what about molasses and baking soda so-called “Trogan Horse.” Want to have PSA retest in May 2012. Any thoughts on how long I should to the baking soda molasses regime? Thanks.

  7. Chris says:

    Curious if there is any news on the outcome of Frank Burdett.

  8. Lynn McCord says:

    I want to start a protocol with baking soda but cannot find 100% molassas or 100% maple syrup where I live. I can get my hands on honey. Has anyone heard of someone trying this protocol? I have stage 4-5 throat cancer amid am about to get a breathing tube and an eating tube installed and I don’t really want either. Can someone PLEASE respond?

  9. Frank E. Burdett says:

    Hi to all who have enquired about my well-being.. I am fine and enjoying life again, not back to my old life-style, ohhh I have learned the lesson! I enjoy an 80 percent alkaline 20 percent acidic diet not meat (that has been injected with chemicals by farmers to get the animals fat and profitable); not the highly processed foods that sort of slow down your life if you know what I mean, but, hey! What do I know? I know that an ounce of hope is better than none! Test your own pH level to see if yu have acid-loving LOW pH levels! Ok, it is YOUR choice and your Life! I only offer an option along with Vito and Curtis John Mitchell.. yep,, breathe DEEP of that FRESH AIR..cancer does not like fresh air!!
    Take care out there!

    Thank yu for your interest in my book, “I Survived Metastacised Melanoma Cancer!”

    Regards and GOD bless, huh?
    Or whatever your belief understanding may be!

    Frank E. Burdett

  10. Pete Stellema says:

    Hi to all, So thankful to the Lord Jesus for all the encouragement on this web. Jan 2013 diagnosed with cronic luelemia amd 6.7 cm kidney tumor. April 2 they wanted to take out my rt kidney, adrenal gland and tumor. they did a biopsy in January to see if the same cancerr cells in the swollen lymph gland. I canceled surgery until june and will be retested in May to see if the tumor has changed. They want to cut me 20 inches to have lots of light to becareful of the lymph glands and not to knick anything and thus spread cancer. I did 14 days of baking soda, am on supplements and diet and etc. Will report back end of May or sooner if they agree to a pet scan.
    —Question—How is Chris with the sub dermal melanomia? We have friend with same thing. Thanks

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