Good Evening. . . a reader replied to the unsigned MD email that I posted a few days ago concerning my ‘appalling lack of knowledge about medical science.” Here is that reply, and then my reply to the reply. . . (and by the way, I do have an appalling lack of medical science. I am not a doctor; I choose not to be a doctor; I chose to be the human that I  am!)

“I have read your recent posts and the one by this so-called MD makes me angry.
He is wrong of course, and why would he object to your site, what is it to him?
Your reply to him is very compassionate….
Your site, along with many many others who suggest alternative approaches to cancer
give us hope, and is far from “harmful”. Some people say that alternatives give
“false hope”, but the allopaths sometimes give cancer patients “false hopelessness”!!!!
I am glad you reacted to this person the way you did… It’s our attitude and state of mind,
and the fact that we take control of our health that matters… medicines almost never
cure anything, and most surgeries are unnecessary and where cancer is concerned
– are usually dangerous and can spread the disease throughout the body!

Sincerely, N_ _ _”

This is me speaking now. I like what you say about the importance of “taking control of our health. . . ” Isn’t it nice that we as humans have that choice. I am not sure, though, what I would have done if I was faced with the pressure of choosing the Allopathic way or the Natural way.

I will explain that. When I was diagnosed, there were some little miracles that happened that led me to following the path to Natural Health. One miracle is that prior to the killer class 4 aggressive prostate cancer that metastacised to the bones, I was diagnosed with some rather disheartening news about my heart. Atrial fibrilation, irregular heart beat, some mangled veins, talk of a pacemaker, and a heart chamber operating at only 33 to 35%. Toss in high cholestrol and gout and you have a gentleman who was crushed.

However, not as crushed as I was when I received the ‘dead man walking’ cancer diagnosis (from 2 different oncologist). Anyway, to make a long story short (you can see my story here, when I moved from one state to another there was a general misplacement of my paperwork. I was sort of lost in the system. This gave me time to sort mySelf out, so to speak, and look deeper into the so called Alternative methods to reclaim my health.

And another thing, after the cancer diagnosis, I was told that I could not have surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. It was too far into the bones. The only thing they told me was that they would try hormone therapy to try and slow it down.  They also told me that hormone therapy was only a temporary bandaid. You can see more about that here –…..inasteride and here…

When I asked, “How long do I have to live? One of the doctors said,  Hopefully you will have 3 years.”

So being lost in the system and not having much choice gave me the courage to go with alkalinizing my body. Would I have had that courage if I did not get lost in the system? Would I have had the courage if the doctors suggested chemo or radiation? I don’t know.

That is why I honor those who make tough decisions. Love to you all, and thanks for the supportive email, Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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5 Responses to “Courage to choose Alternative cancer treatment: “appalling medical knowledge” support”

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  2. achim says:

    hi Vernon,

    i have got the same diagnose (prostate cancer metastacised to the bones) I put big hope in your treatment and start immediatly.

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Achim. . . thanks for the email. The baking soda will do its job. It can only go so far, and then it relies on You to do the rest. You are in charge! There are many parts that are important for reclaiming ones’ rightful health. The biggest part is the part you play. The body wants you to relax so that it can do its job, which is to have healthy cells. Are you a relaxed person? If not, do you know how to get there?

      Focused deep breathing, much like PTR Breathing, is one of the keys in reclaiming your role in your health. Check also in FAQ. Did you notice that in Don Porter’s Protocol that he used breathing. I also used breathing. I was fortunate enough to be turned onto PTR Breathing when I needed it. It helped fill my body with delicious oxygen, as well as relaxation and the ability to keep my mind focused on the good things in my life – past, present, and future.

      Breathing and meditation have immeasurable benefits. Do both! Do you know how to meditate? Have you read the pages on PTR Breathing? Have you read Don’s protocol? He has some excellent ideas on breathing also. Ilana used Qigong to focus, relax, and breathe when she was dancing with invasive breast cancer. She speaks highly for Qigong. I have not done it, but can sense its potential power and ability to help return oneSelf to One’s Self.

      An alkaline diet is important. Try to incorporate at least an 80/20 alkaline food intake while you are in the process of reclaiming your health. You can type in ‘alkaline diet’ in the seach engine of the website, or google it to learn more. Once you have your health back, then you can, of course relax your diet. By this time, you will have realized more about yourSelf than you knew before.

      I suppose that you have figured out by now that I am talking more than baking soda and molasses here. Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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  4. wanda says:

    Hi Vernon,
    Thanks so much for your website. I was diagnosed with stage 1V colon cancer with mets to the ovary and liver. Had emergency surgery to remove tumor and surrounding tissue that was blocking intestines. Refused chemo at that time as they told me I was terminal with or without it.
    I spent the month of July at a alternative cancer clinic in Texas. It was a very expensive month with no help from my insurance. Was put on 20 pills a day taken at intervals during the day and given nutritional therapy information. They also suggested I go on low dose chemo. I think that their thought there was to keep me alive long enough for their therapy to work.
    I took two treatments of iv drugs and three of the chemo pills. I was so ill while taking them I quit. Not to mention the other health problems chemo caused me.
    I took the 20 pills a day for about three months until my blood pressure got completely out of control. From the sodium in the pills I suspect.
    The nutritional info I got at the clinic was valuable to me though. When I got back to Missouri I began researching the acid alkaline diet they suggested. One site led to another and
    I came upon your phkillscancer site. I researched the baking soda theory and decided to give it a try.
    I monitored my PH level about three times a day. I only needed one teaspoon of baking soda twice a day to get my PH up to 9.00 in 7 days. I kept it there for another 7 days. I think the reason I only needed half as much was because I was on the alkaline diet at the time, coupled with the fact I only weighed 90lbs.
    My first scan in July showed four cancer spots. My latest pet scan only a small spot on the liver that they said may only be scar tissue from the abscess and drainage procedure I had in June.
    Of the three different treatments I have tried I think the baking soda molasses did the trick. I could almost feel it working. I felt so much stronger and had more stamina when my
    PH went up. It was at 5.00 when I was in TX.
    And to think I had the treatment I needed in my kitchen cabinets the whole time I was out taking treatments and seeking a cure.
    How closely do I need to stick to the alkaline diet now that my cancer has either gone or shrunken to the point it won’t show up on a scan?
    Again Vernon, thank you for your website it may have saved my life. Wanda

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