Lucky me to be alive to tell my story. I have told it several times in a public venue. This upcoming event includes a Life Pulsing workshop. . . See this newspaper article:

Cancer, Baking Soda & Me

24 October 2009

Vernon , also known as Vito, will be telling his story of how he used ordinary baking soda to turn this deadly disease around. It has been 1 year and 9 months since Vernon “Vito” Johnston was diagnosed with terminal bone/prostate cancer. It has been 1 year 5 months since killing it with focused good thoughts, sibling & offspring love, and 12 days of Vito experimental baking soda solution. He changed his body’s pH.

He has discovered other life changing benefits because of this dance with cancer. One benefit is that since switching to a primarily alkaline diet, Vito has not had a gout attack since December of 2008. He had been getting 2 such attacks twice a month. Living ‘large’ is another beautiful benefit!

Vernon has counseled people all over the world. His website is He will be telling his story at 7 pm Saturday October 24th at the:

Anza RV Resort Club House 41560 Terwilliger Road

Anza, California 92539

RV facilities and camping are available.
Besides telling his story,

Vernon will be happy to answer questions about cancer, baking soda, focused breathing, relaxation, emotions, diet, alkalinity, pH, gout, and thoughts.

Saturday October 24th 7 PM

Workshop – October 25th

9 AM to 3PM. . . donation

gratefully accepted

October 24th and 25th in Anza, Ca above Palm Springs on Highway 371 off of 74. Less than a hundred miles from San Diego. RV Parking available.

Workshop – Sunday

25 October 2009

We will take a deeper look into the Alkaline Diet, Methods for Self-Determination, Muscle testing, Dowsing, Meditation, Pray Answers, and Simply Asking for the Answer. Also we will explore the Gift of the Imagination to stimulate the body and move relaxation into the challenged spots. Breathing is a huge part for recovery. We will experience PTR Breathing. We will learn about better feeling thoughts and how to ‘Reach’ for them.

If you have questions email Vito at

It is suggested that if you want to go to the Sunday Workshop that you make sure you attend the Saturday Presentation.

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