My wife and I were talking about chocolate and laughingly hoping it was alkaline. When I first started being more aware of what I was eating because my goal was to continue on the path of an alkaline body, I was heartbroken to see chocolate on the no no side of alkaline vs acidic. Having just come off of a dance with termninal cancer, I was pretty blissed out. What hit me next though really hurt. It was gout attacks. Not one in one big toe at a time, but two big toes at the same time. It seemed at the time that these attacks were hitting me every other week.

I had already cut out sugar. Cancer loves sugar (even though I used molasses as a Trojan horse, so to speak)! When I said good bye to sugar that also meant good bye to chocolate. I wasn’t aware at the time that certain sugars are alkaline, or at the very least they lean alkaline. Here is the fun part. Some charts put sweetners, except for Stevia, low alkaline or low acidic. Raw sugar is my sweetner of choice lately. It had been agave, but I moved away from that one for a couple of reasons. One is I really like making and eating Thai pancakes from brown rice flour, coconut milk, coconut, almond butter, eggs, and palm sugar. Palm sugar sort of melts in chunks as I cook this crepe like concoction. Well, so does raw sugar. It also is very good, and also on one of the charts I looked up, is alkaline.

What’s my point? The point is that I eliminated chocolate because I thought it was not good for me. Here is a quote that I believe to be very practical when it comes to eating and selecting the ‘right’ foods: 

“Here’s a rule of thumb that will help you: If you believe that something is good, and you do it, it benefits you. If you believe that something is bad, and you do it, it is a very detrimental experience. — Abraham”

Well, obviously I thought chocolate was bad for me, so wanting to follow all the rules, I cut out chocolate. If I had not, who knows where I would have ended up along the life and death path.

Anyway . . . back to my wife and I talking about chocolate. I explained to her my humorous way to get the alleged ‘bad’ foods we want to eat to line up more with our food desires. I said the idea is to google a certain food with alkaline attached to that food, and keep researching until you find a chart that backs up your desire for that food. Chocolate was easy. This one said, “Chocolate very alkaline”  . This one spoke about it as being a base or alkaline.

Some of the research pointed out that it is important to get quality chocolate. I can do that! I can that easily.

Try it! How about red meat. If you research long enough you will find references to red meat being alklaine. Of course the catch is you can’t cook it. It has to be raw. The point I am making is if you want a certain food and you think or heard it may be bad for you, then don’t eat it. Or find some research material that will line up your desires and beliefs. It is really a very big deal! 

By the way, one of my favorite charts has chocolate as being acid forming. Guess, I will not look at that part of it then.  Good Night! Vernon Vito Johnston

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4 Responses to “Chocolate is Alkaline – I hope so! What about cancer and gout: do they like chocolate?”

  1. […] I was under the impression that chocolate was acidic, and was very happy to discover differently. (See my chocolate write up). I made the following macaroons from the study of several recipes. You see, most recipes are not […]

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  3. Melanie says:

    This is awesome. I was looking at this blog in regards to sucanat being alkaline, actually. Itis my understanding that cacao is alkaline (raw cocoa powder) so I use that instead of cocoa powder. I would love to try making those pancakes you mentioned! Sounds amazing. Care to share the recipe?

  4. Tracey says:

    Love this!!! I am putting your quote from Abraham on my refridgerator and will be enjoying some raw cacao tomorrow!!!

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