Vernon aka Vito on October 29th, 2012

My Current cancer take on Breathing for Health and Well Being Breathing hit me hard and in the right places about 4 and ½ years ago. What happened was that I was diagnosed with terminal stage IV prostate cancer that metastasized to the bones. The doctors told me that they couldn’t do surgery, chemo, or […]

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I do a lot of focused breathing (PTR), meditation, and a continual reaching for better feeling thoughts. This little blurb sums it up: “A withdrawal of attention from the unwanted condition is necessary in order to release it from your experience, but it is also necessary to cease the resistant thought that pinched off the […]

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Vernon aka Vito on November 9th, 2010

Did a session of Transformational Breathing this afternoon. The thoughts I had when my friend Patti invited me over to experience it, was, “Is this as good as PTR Breathing?” “Will it facilitate in reclaiming ones’ health?”  I breathed deep breaths non-stop through my mouth for 45 minutes. This was something new for me. I have been […]

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My friend Heather from the SE part of the USA and I had a dialogue recently about Intention and Visualization.  I really appreciate this conversation; it helps my to clarify and strengthen my belief system. The words follow: Heather: This reminded me of you. It made me wonder is this is the same as what you do/teach […]

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Vernon aka Vito on August 4th, 2010

Jim Ehmke, in his interview hosted by Jini Patel Thompson of “Listen to your Gut”  he says, “Baking Soda (alkaline diet), Ozone Therapy, Detoxification, and Emotional Work” is what it is really all about when it comes to Alternative Therapy and working with cancer. I spoke about alkaline diet and emotions on a previous post […]

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Vernon aka Vito on August 2nd, 2010

I received a letter from a reader honestly expressing their opinion about perhaps this whole baking soda, alkaline diet, and supplement thing was just a cruel hoax when it comes to those who are dancing with cancer. This is what the person had to say: Hi, Vern. I have been reading your blog and your website […]

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I get a lot of emails asking me if I have continued to do baking soda since receiving the ‘good news’ after that second bone scan. The first bone scan put me in the coffin with stage 4 prostate cancer that metastacised to the bones. People also ask about what diet I was on during […]

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8:30am Saliva pH check time. The pH Stick came in at 7.0 to 7.25.  The paper strip reading was 7.2 to 7.4. Today I am moving to a next level of drinking baking soda molasses solutions. I am going to drink the solutions 3 times a day approximately 8 hours apart. Starting now. 8:31am Easing into 3 times […]

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Woke up with a little headache. I don’t usually get headaches, so I know this is part of the baking soda molasses solution ritual. It went away after I did some PTR Breathing. Checked saliva pH @ 7:00am. The Stix showed 7.25 while the paper strip registerd between 7.6 and 7.8. I’m thinking that cannot […]

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7:30am Good Morning! Noticed that I was a little headachey during some of my sleep and when I woke up. Did a little PTR Breathing and headache went away. Checked saliva pH. The Stix showed 7.25 and the paper strip showed 7.2. Thinking about upping the dosage of baking soda to 2 teaspoons twice a […]

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