Vernon aka Vito on September 15th, 2010

We are very lucky that Ilana is sharing her story on how she reclaimed her health using Qigong. “How can that be?” most would say. “Using meditation to turn invasive breast cancer around? I just don’t understand that!” That is why we are lucky that Ilana is willing to tell her story. I, for one, […]

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Vernon aka Vito on July 29th, 2010

I listened to an interview hosted by Jini Patel Thompson of “Listen to your Gut” fame. The interviewee was Jim Ehmke, an internationally known nutritionalist and health counselor who basically says that to cure cancer one must change their body chemistry. How do you do that? He listed 5 or 6 items. The first on […]

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Vernon aka Vito on July 24th, 2010

Nice to be flexible! I am going off the normal path of discussions about cancer, baking soda, PTR breathing, and alkaline diet. Still though, this is a story about reclaiming one’s natural health. The issue: Trigger Thumb – a painful triggering or locking of the thumb which greatly hinders the normal use of the hand. Here is […]

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