About three years ago I got interested in football because of the back story of the individual players and coaches. Frankly, it makes the game more interesting for me to watch knowing and having an inkling of how the participants managed to make it to the ‘Big Show’. Just having knowledge of a player’s history […]

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Vernon aka Vito on October 12th, 2013

Below is a link to the audio recording of the Questions and Answers Webinar sponsored by phkillscancer.com held on 7.28.13. Good questions asked by others about cancers, baking soda, protocol, etc. Also very good interaction among the guests as well. I wanted to get this out earlier, but have been dealing with heart issues which […]

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Vernon aka Vito on December 28th, 2012

It is a good day in Cancer Land when I can come across a book that closely aligns with my views on where cancer comes from. Here is one quote from the book, “It is simple logic. If a person does not know why he (or she) has cancer, then how can he (she) find […]

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Natural Gentle Cancer Protocol Dropped into my Lap: Lemon, Sea Salt, Oxygen, No Baking Soda or pH Paper Want another option besides Baking Soda when battling for your life versus cancer’s life? Do you want something other than Budwig or Gerson or what any of the other protocols put forth. Have you tried any or […]

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Vernon aka Vito on October 29th, 2012

My Current cancer take on Breathing for Health and Well Being Breathing hit me hard and in the right places about 4 and ½ years ago. What happened was that I was diagnosed with terminal stage IV prostate cancer that metastasized to the bones. The doctors told me that they couldn’t do surgery, chemo, or […]

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I do a lot of focused breathing (PTR), meditation, and a continual reaching for better feeling thoughts. This little blurb sums it up: “A withdrawal of attention from the unwanted condition is necessary in order to release it from your experience, but it is also necessary to cease the resistant thought that pinched off the […]

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Vernon aka Vito on October 26th, 2010

The Burzynski Movie. . . I didn’t even know it was a movie until I noticed that someone posted it on FaceBook. Has anyone seen it? I first read about him in Suzanne Somer’s book “Knockout.” She speaks highly of him and his cancer treatment. Here is Stanislaw Burzynski’s clinic’s website http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/. Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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Vernon aka Vito on October 22nd, 2010

I found out about salvestrols while chatting with my friend Ron who facilitates a meditation center in upstate Washington. I became especially curious when Ron told me that organic fruits and vegetables have a higher rate of cancer curing salvestrols in their make-up. Why? I was wondering, and what the heck are salvestrols? Well, Ron went […]

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I received this email from an unidentified reader. From: MD md@hotmail.com Message: Please take down your website. It is inappropriate and your knowledge of medical science is appalling. Your PSA went to 0.1 and your bone lesions regressed temporarily as a result of your cassodex treatment. Unfortunately, you will eventually become refractory to hormone therapy. […]

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Here is an introduction letter to Wanda Cline and what she did to reclaim her health. Wanda’s dance was with breast cancer that metastasized to other parts and organs of her body. She turned to natural healing methods after chemotherapy quit working (Of course, it never did work)! The core of her program is the Johanna […]

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