It is a good day in Cancer Land when I can come across a book that closely aligns with my views on where cancer comes from. Here is one quote from the book, “It is simple logic. If a person does not know why he (or she) has cancer, then how can he (she) find the way to truly treat it, and do so in such a way that it never returns or manifests in a different illness?” . . . from The Secret To Healing Cancer: A Chinese Psychiatrist and Family Doctor Presents His Amazing Method For Curing Cancer Through Psychological And Spiritual Growth
by Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu.

There are several things addressed in that quote.

  • How and why did I get cancer.
  • If I know, then I can do something about it.
  • Can I get rid of it now and forever.

I am still reading this book. I got mine in Kindle format –  THE SECRET TO HEALING CANCER A Chinese Pyschiatrist and Family Doctor Presents His Amazing Method for Curing Cancer Through Psychological and Spiritual Growth
.  I will post more info as I go. . . Vj



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17 Responses to “Cancer – Why did I get it; How do I get rid of it . . . forever?”

  1. Fidelis says:

    Hi Vernon,

    Please help me. I have been following your protocol (DJPs modified method) for about a week now. I have oropharyngeal cancer. It’s day 8 and I have upped the bicarb+Honey mixed with garlic (wasnt sure of the maple syrup in my country) intake to 2 teaspoonfuls thrice a day. There’s no remarkable change. The tumor isn’t shrinking and I’m feeling really weak. Am I missing something? Is this supposed to happen? Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks.


    • t says:


      • Vernon aka Vito says:

        “Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychological origin. This understanding became a “scientific” asset, firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge.”

        Ryke Geerd Hamer

        That pretty much sums it up; wouldn’t you agree Seeker? I am thrilled that you posted those links. These studies go hand in hand with what I have suspected all along, as well as the emphasis I place on the books by Dr. Hsu and “The Way Towards Health” by Jane Roberts. The exercises in those books are phenomenal. I look forward to gaining more knowledge from the links you recommended. . . Vj

        • Vernon aka Vito says:

          This is big of course, but few will be able to figure out that “they” are the pill. And then what? . . . what of those who say, “I am the pill.” How do they go about swallowing it? – That is my goal. . . Vj

          • Seeker says:

            I’m so happy sharing GNM, my lengthy medical history, (tumors, surgeries etc) coincided 100% with Dr. Hamer’s discoveries, the two phases of disease and the 5 Biological Laws. There are critics of course but I have yet to find evidence that disproves GNM, only personal attacks.

            It’s a thrill discovering what Einstein might have called a biological unifying theory applying to all animals. It took me a while to digest but well worth it, so obvious and predictable when one knows what to look for and expect.

            Diet/PH, water, fresh air exercise/sunshine seem to play a huge part in our ability to handle life’s challenges, as does magnesium deficiency Juicing is my favorite way to get the whole food vitamins etc that I need in a day, I call it my rocket fuel.

            EFT is one of the top tools I discovered on my healing journey for pain and unresolved conflict shocks, fears, anxieties, emotional upsets. It was rather humbling to learn that much of my issues could be resolved with complete love, acceptance and forgiveness for myself and others. Applying The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz has also been life changing.

            There’s so much more for me to learn but I hope this information is helpful, best wishes to all,

    • CPMT says:

      I THINK HE SAID MIX OF BAKING SODA (BICARBONATO SODICO) WITH MOLASES (SUGAR RESIDUES) OR BLACK STRAP MOLASES.. NO HONEY. BUT I THINK MAYBE THE AUSTRALIAN WILD HONEY (I CAN’T REMEMBER ITS NAME “MA…?? ” ITS VERY GOOD FOR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND PART OF THE CURE IS TO GET STONG IMMUNE SYSTEM . YOU CAN ALSO CHECK THE INTERNET FOR OTHER CURES (IT IS BETTER TO DO SEVERAL THERAPIES OR CURES AT THE SAME TIME. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE RECOMMENDED OR HOW MUCH OF BAKING SODA AND MOLASES I didn’t see it any where mentioned. check:, youtube : ‘the forbidden cures’, ‘when healing becames a crime” and other videos in youtube about cancer. curcuma/turmeric helps with tumors and there are herbs that also help check internet and google. ( a TV & radio show ) interviews, herbal remedies etc….

  2. Seeker says:

    Hi Vernon,
    Just wanted to share insightful information regarding cancer (and all illness)and why we get it, how it’s not a malfunction or enemy but a special biological program initiated by an unexpected conflict shock to the psyche. These links are a great intro to German New Medicine, I wish you many blessings on your journey-

  3. God bless you Vito. The PH Protocol has done something miraculous to my dog. If only for buying us more time together, he is running, bouncing and playing and truth be told i was going to put him down before the protocol. The cancer has invaded three of his nodes and is pressing on his colon, making it hard for him to crap. I gave him the PH cancer protocol and guess what, just like you said, he was sick to his stomach, night sweats, etc etc….but teh test strips said 8 and 8.5 and I was zapping those suckers. Now after the protocol he’s pooping lots and running and playing, nothing like he was before. I dont want to say he’s cured because I don’t know that for sure. I am sure those little b*** are inside him still but they don’t know who they are messing with. Please read http://bassethoundcancer.wordp.....-protocol/ Cindy

  4. anne says:

    Vernon ur an inspiration loved watching ur YouTube . I am so happy youre alive n well!! ThisWorld needs people like you!! My mom has stage 4 lung cancer its spread to her liver brain bone abdomen spine kidneys ugh anyways gnna try ur protocol. Thank you

  5. Eva says:

    Hi Vernon, I am quite amazed at your recovery with the bicarb & molasses and I wish you all the best. I have a little jack russell who has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma of the blood vessels. Do you think that this protocol would work for her seeing that this type of cancer is very aggressive? There is a tumor at the base of the heart that is spitting blood into the heart sack. I have been giving her Protocel for over a month now, I don’t know if it is helping, all I know is that she is still with us. What do you think, should I try the bicarb & molasses solution?

  6. Cindy says:

    Vito, you have been solely to thank for helping me turn my dog’s death sentence into life. He has not had his lymph node cancer spread or grow but point one of a cm in six weeks thanks to your ph cancer protocol and the diet/supplements I have him on. He was ready to go down hard before the ph cancer protocol. God bless you vito. I love my dog so very much but if it wasn’t for you none of this would have happened. Please know you are making a difference in so many people’s life. Now I wish our damn govt would acknowledge it !

  7. Pete says:


    Did your cancer ever come back?

  8. Alan says:

    I wonder of this protocol would also work on ET [essential thrombocythemia] which is a chronic form of leukemia where patients bone marrow makes too many platelets.

  9. Wayne says:

    Hi vito,I am 55 and have had medical problems since i was 31. I am a kidney transplant recipient, aswell as a diabetic,crohnes,skin cancer, and hep c patient.. My recent diagnosis of osseous metastases in my spine and right lung.
    I am starting the baking soda and molases protocol today.
    My question is, did you also change your diet in any major ways while doing the bs protocol?
    Thanks Wayne

  10. Ariadne says:

    Good day,

    I have been using baking soda for months now, but for me it doesn’t work. I have melanoon and it is now in many places in my body. It is getting worst and worst and all the standaard treatments don’t work. My PH is always good with usind the soda. I also don’t eat meat, melk products, sugar, I eat a lot biological fruit and vegetables.
    Do you have some ideas, advices for me ?

    Greetings from Holland

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