A funny thing happened today that was almost not so funny. My wife Alice came up to me and with a lot of concern said, “You know, I wasn’t going to tell you this, but I have had blood in my urine today and yesterday; and I am not going to any doctor.”  She was actually giving me a heads up that she was not going to any hospital or doctor and was prepared to let this thing run its course.

I laughed of course, not because it was funny, but rather because I knew where this ‘blood in the urine’ was coming from. You see, I had fixed some fresh whole beets that I got from one of the local farmers yesterday as a side dish for some Vegitarian Pad Thai I made. And anybody who has eaten beets knows what I am talking about. The urine gets a red tinge from the beets; and the poop is also reddish. It looks like they have blood in them. I am still laughing. Alice had not even considered that her ‘bloody urine’ may have been caused by eating fresh steamed beets.

I probably would not have known either, if it had not been for an experience one of my friends related to me. While he was camping out at Slab City, California he noticed that his stool was coming out red. He was highly concerned and quickly made an appointment with his doctor. The doctor, after listening to his story asked, “Thom, have you been eating any beets lately?”  

“Yes, why” answered Thom. Of course we all know the doctor’s answer now.

Regardless, I am very happy it was the red beets that we ate. I am also glad she mentioned it to me (grin). It certainly was a relief for Alice (grin). That would have been a lot of unnecessary worry.  The only thing I have to worry about is what is going to happen to me when Alice reads this post. She might kill me! (haha!)

Beets, by the way, are very alkaline. We also ate the tops. Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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