Donald J. Porter was diagnosed with killer prostate cancer that metastacized to his bones. I have had many people contact me saying that they wanted to hear from ‘another who experienced like success.’ Well, here it is! You will find validating similarities to the ones expressed on ; plus much much more. This is Donald’s story:

I am frequently asked: How did I accomplish this miraculous cancer remission ?

Well, to keep it simple, I utilized my under appreciated, in this society, Immune System that basically is the same as everyone else’s. 

In April 2007 I received a semi 3-6 year death sentence  from a 39.6 PSA & related tests that clearly identified “Metasticised Stage 4 Prostate Cancer to my left Pelvic Bone.   I was stunned !.

Quite a wake-up call.  After the rather significant overdose of medical negativeness I concentrated on what is possible!

I had studied Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, David Williams, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Weil, M.D., Dr. Julian Whitaker, Suzanne Somers, Verne Varona & read my version of a bible “Confession of a Kamikaze Cowboy” by Dirk Benedict.  Dirk earned a bit of notoriety/fame from his participation in the A-Team, Battlestar Gallactica, Charlie’s Angels, etc.

I determined that we all enjoy a body that is a miraculous machine that must be aligned properly with a quality diet, exercise, quality liquids, deep breathing, organic foods, minimum stress in a FAST paced society along with some occasional “TLC”.

  • If we don’t align our cars front end – tires wear  NO matter what kind of tires we put on our car
  • If we put gasoline in a diesel car or gasoline in a diesel car – what happens ?
  • No oil/grease in car – what happens ? 
  • WE must take special care of miraculous “US
  • So I decided, with my wife, to align my body properly !

 How I found “Alternative”, relatively unknown data ?

My success with the considerable assistance/contributions of my wife, Verne Varona – world’s top macrobiotic counselor & author of several macrobiotic books including latest – Macrobiotics for Dummies, Dr. Ruan Zhao ranked in top 10 in several categories in China (Dr Herbal Pharmacology, Cellular Biology-immunology, Beijing Univ., Science Tech Award, 1990, &  molecular biology),, Michio Kushi’s books & about 300 others, Confessions of A Kamikaze Cowboy, & MANY MANY others !

Therefore what I accomplished is not mine – It is gathered from MANY sources & is for ALL to benefit from.

Now before I proceed it is IMPORTANT to provide some important background data that was critical to my immune building success. 

I am a retired Investment Banker that financed companies. Their viability – credibility, management talent,  product/market penetration, patents or proprietary products/services, etc. is of paramount importance.   Inaccurate assessments create failures/bankruptcies, etal that can damage financings & clients that invested in them.   We, that created these financings won’t last very long if we don’t do extensive investigations about these companies called “Due Diligence”.

DD is intensively examining “ALL” info/data about a company, product, management, marketing,  etc.   There is a MASSIVE amount & degree of exaggeration in USA.   Example: “Mine is best so buy mine ! “    Therefore GREAT care must be exercised in all areas of undertakings !

  • I was involved with the following financings: Wendy’s, ESPN,  MTV,  Loctite, Terry Steam Turbine,  Acmat, Ct. Water,  Hughes Tool, Geothermal Steam & many others.

 Given some experience in looking into “Actual” beneficial activities for our Immune systems,  I absorbed the above mentioned Alternative Experts books, presentations & websites. It was necessary to undertake a LOT of time, energy & commitment that turned out to be 2/1/2 years with a real average of 5 hours a day on the internet etc.  I was motivated from a negative diagnosis about my metasticised Prostate Cancer & kept at it.

I also was aware that:

  • There are knowns things we know that we know.
  • There are things that we know that we don’t know. That is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know.
  • But there are also unknown unknowns.
  • There are things that we do don’t  know that we don’t know

 What I now know, & recognize what Verne Varona, Dr Mark Sircus, Dr.Tulllio Simoncini, R. Young, Gregory Delaney, & a growing number of intelligent others know is the growing awareness of the ability of our immune systems to assist us in becoming a cancer survivor, is increasing worldwide !

Fortunately, at the age of 73,  I had been thru the “School of Hard Knocks” & was aware that I didn’t know enough about Nutrition/Diet, quality water, deep breathing, etc.  Therefore I spent a great deal of time & energy seeking to identify the most efficient ways & methods of enhancing my digestive & immune system !

·        Closely examined all “live healthy longer Populations” Okinawans, Hunza’s, Sardinians, Loma Linda, CA (Calorie Rest 7th day Adventists) – Okinawans traditionally eat lots of tofu, vegetables & fish, and they practice hara hachi bu, or eating only until 80% full.

  •  MANY animals are fine with eating just “grass & water” – Cows-Horses, pigs, chickens, geese, swans, ducks, & most other birds.
  • “If you ate 1 cup of spinach in 1954, the amount of iron you would receive is comparable to eating 60 cups of spinach today                    with a  picture of the amount of spinach in 1954 compared to 60 cups of spinach in 2003.  I think it’s a powerful representation of what is happening to our food chain.  I took the picture from a publication called Today’s Chiropractic and it was the Nov/Dec 2003 edition.  The actual info for this article comes from a book called Empty Harvest, written by Dr. Bernard Jensen  published by Avery Publishing Group. I’ve read the book and it is excellent.   Dr. Jensen was a chiropractor and truly a pioneer in whole food nutrition
  • Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do “practice”?
  • Examine the Why, of Strokes, bad arteries, cholesterol, cancer, arthritis, joint problems with new knees & hips.  NUTRITION seems to be the culprit.

 Therefore I embarked on a mission of wellness enhancement; engaged  in/on a strict Kushi Macrobiotic-Organic diet  & in 8+ weeks dropped from 154 pounds,(@ 5’9”), to 132 , a 22 pound loss.  I also discovered from Verne Varona, along with others, that it- takes about 4 months to fully change our blood.

I therefore remained on Verne Varona’s Kushi modified organic/Macrobiotic diet.

As my investigations (due diligence) indicated that my immune system was restored to a positive state, I kept searching for additional enhancement methods, Protocols, Herbs, Nutrients, etc.

I finally found the Baking Soda and/ or Cessium  chloride experts that had experienced success in beating cancers.   Jim Lelmum,   Dr. Mark Sircus,  Dr Simoncini (Italy), Gregory Delaney, numerous web sites & several others.

The one that I was most impressed by was Vern (Vito) Johnston & his “common sense” Protocol & his internet site, Vern was extremely generous & helpful to me in my undertakings to assist me in clarifying his credibility, methods, exact Protocol, original diagnosis, & “ALL” precise methods utilized by him to obtain his “stunning” reversal of his diagnosis. I found Vern to be an honest, forthright, generous, nice fellow that had undergonenearly an identical experience that I had.

I then gathered all the data that Vern shared with me & proceeded to basically duplicate his Protocol.

The result was almost identical to Vern’s.  My PSA has been in the range of 0.1 – 0.4 for almost 10 months, with no residual effects from the April 2007 debilitating diagnosis !.

My respect & admiration for Vern is considerable.   Talk is whatever – DOING IT or getting it done – IS What I Call Making a Difference.

I now am able to eat regular meals, some low alcohol wine (below 9%), a few desserts, even some yogurt, & baby back ribs once in awhile !   Dinners from a menu @ a normal American restaurant.   I still concentrate on organic foods .  Brown rice, beans, various  green veggies, whole oats at breakfast,  filtered water, deep breathing, walking 30 minutes a day, 8 hours of sleep, fruits, apricot seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, some herbs, a few special vitamins, & occasional Baking Soda.

All of my efforts diet wise, breathing, water, green teas, etc. are to maintain a slight alkalinity.

  • Those that say Vern’s, Kushi’s, etc. & my protocol/methods can cure almost anyone who has not damaged themselves by Drugs-Alcohol-Smoking, etc. – except brain cancer – may be on the right track. They offer books, web sites, chat rooms, blogs, etc. that all indicate that this Protocol is simple, inexpensive & IMPORTANTLY raises our pH to over 7.5 resulting in Cancer Cell demise. There is considerable material easily available about Cessium  Chloride & Baking Soda raising pH for decades.  The MANY uses of Baking Soda are strong indicators of this well established pH reality for decades.
  • We all are the same – except for various – Opinions, points-of-view-beliefs-attitudes-positions-habits-tendencies, derived from our past & the “brainwashing” we are subjected to by extremely sophisticated marketing entities throughout our lives.
  •  Nutrition & diet have not been heavily taught in our educational backgrounds.
  •  Today is the 1st day of the rest of our lives so – decide to CHANGE   Therefore, I STRONGLY urge all interested folks to appreciate their bodies capabilities & undertake whatever changes are required to enhance your immune systems !
  • All we have is “our time & our energy”, as long as it lasts.


So eat organic – Brown rice, beans, various  green veggies, whole oats-breakfast, filtered water, deep breathing, walking 30 minutes a day, 8 hours of sleep, fruits, apricot seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, some herbs, a few vitamins, & occasional Baking Soda.  Acquire new habits that empower  your Immune System so as to enhance your quality of life !

Be good to your body & it will be good to you !

This is Vernon “Vito” Johnston speaking now. I want to thank Donald for sending this to me and allowing me to post it. I will post Donald’s Protocol soon. . . VJ

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24 Responses to “Another Cancer Success Story using Baking Soda and much much more.”

  1. Hi Vern,

    Thanks for the comments by Donald and his experience with the same problem that you, Donald and I had — Prostate cancer that spread to the bones. As I indicated in my previous comments I was using Dr. William Donald Kelley’s program and still do. I worked with him for 6 years and his track record is curing 33,000 patients with a 95% cure rate including himself being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, given 2 months to live and cured himself.

    Well, there are some things I did not do in the beginning which caused an increase with my problem. If one is to follow a program — follow it as explained and do not think you are smarter than the mentor. I learned a hard lesson. However, Dr. Kelley passed away leaving me on my own. Like so many my search for another protocol was when God led me to you. Regardless of how I found you — you have a program, are generous in giving out so much if one is to follow what created success for you and others. Donald mentions Dr. Bernard Jensen — I studied with him for 6 years in 1950 and was the beginning of my learning of alternative therapies. Yes, I have worked with the giants of nutrition — so why did I end up with prostate cancer? Is it in my genes? Dad had prostate cancer and lived to 94 so why does one get sick?

    Cancer is a systemic disease and cancer cells are in your body from the day you are born till you graduate from this world. Man has ruined this world with genetic engineering of foods, preservatives, flouridation of water, polluted air, fast foods and a thousand fold methods to kill us in the name of making a profit. Board members of every business are only interested in how much did we make — the individual is of no concern, only money. I reming people that when we leave this world I am certain that God will not ask me; “Charles, did you bring your bank book so I can see how much you brought?” Vern, we leave it all here no matter how little or how much.

    Back to my issue. I found you by the grace of God, have been on your program just about 10 days and do I feel any better? Yes! Am I over the issue? I don’t know. The pain in my legs has lessened, my hips feel a little better and at times my PH is at 8. Do I have faith this will work? Yes! Do I want to live even though I am in my 80’s? Yes! I have a lot of work to do. I work with a lot of cancer patients and waiting to see my results and certain that things will be fine at which time I will share with them this simple, easy, inexpensive protocol to helping overcome cancer regardless where it is.

    Yes, diet is critical. Organic foods are a must. However nutritional typing is most important since everyone’s body is different. One can be a vegetarian type, a meat eater or a blanced type. That will determine your eating habits. Dr. Kelley created a book for determining your type. No, I am not trying to sell books but that is an important part of getting well.

    As a pragmatic practitioner I research food supplements and out of 320 companies I found only 5 that do independent clinical trials at universities. It is expensive so most companies do not do these trials and simply create products based on research of ingredients. True the ingredients may be great separately but when combined together there is a synergestic effect and without a trial how do you know what they will do? They may not kill you but will they help? In recommending products I want the best for the individual and in most cases will offer a 100% money back guarantee if they feel they did not get results in 90 days. Can a company beat that?

    Enough said. Yes, I believe you have developed something that works and I and so many thank God and you for putting a simple program together. Yes, I do get reactions, feel icky at times, tired but then I do see improvements in how my bones feel. If one thinks these little symptoms are troublesom — try chemo and see how you feel — throwing up, losing hair, in bed, destroying the immune system and more.

    Vern, I will keep you posted on my progress. My Ph was done this morning and ready to start on twice a day cocktail to really get things moving. All I can add is — thank you for what you are doing and God bless you as He has taken care of your problem so you can help others. Let’s not question a program that has success with some and embrace chemo, radiation and surgery that has killed so many. Give it a chance, believe in it, be positive, forgive others and thank God for the healing and for leading Vern to introduce his program to those who will embrace it.

    Again, thank you Vern,

    Charles Attal

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    • Cheryl Davids says:

      Hi my husband Colin has stage 4 prostate cancer which was diagnosed when he had a PSA result of 4917. He has been following an organic food diet without red meat and about 1.5liter of veg juice and supplements for 3 months. He has lost 25kg’s and is not doing well. We have started using bicarbonate of soda and molasses for 2 days but he has bad diarhea about half an hour after taking BS+BSM. He has 2teaspoons of bicarb and 1 teaspoon molasses in a mug of filtered water 3 times a day.Perhaps this is too much, we are going to give him a small cup 3 times a day.His ph fluctuates during the day and is about 6.00 first thing in the morning. Please help us.Regards Cheryl

      • Vernon aka Vito says:

        You may want to join me for Questions & Answers with Vernon fm on Jul 28, 2013 5:00 PM PDT at:

        Sometimes I am a month or more out answering emails. You can ask questions or just listen. Sometimes I have a guest who has been through what you and I have been through. . . see you there! If you can’t make it, let me know times that would work for you, and I will do my best to accomodate. . . Vj

        After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

        Brought to you by GoToWebinar®
        Webinars Made Easy®

  3. Jim Kitchens says:

    Vernon, thanks, I appreciate all the help I can receive. My prostate problem has gone on for many years, maybe 15 years. I let them give me a biopsy when my PSA had got up to 5.7. Came back negative. But my PSA kept going up and at 9.7 I got on Transfere factor plus and 100 drops of stablized oxygen/day and my PSA came down to 5.? and the nodgle and enlarged prostate returned to normal. I had to change prostate doctors and the first thing he said is I see you have prostate cancer. I told him to get it off my records, as for as I know I have not been dignosed with prostate cancer. It is still on my records. My PSA started going up and the nodule and enlarged prostate returned. Nothing I did and I tried many different Vit& Min and electrial equipment but my PSA kept going up, It was up to 37 last check.. I have all the indications of prostate cancer,except bleedig and pain. My prostate DR. sent me a certified letter terminating our relationship as I would not get another biopsy. I bleed for weeks after the first one and I believe it could spread the cancer. I will continue to use a lot of the things I am now using, but add the deep breating and BSA/BS.
    Thanks for all your help and concern, Jim K

  4. where the garden growes says:

    Spot on, I hope no thinks that are food getting worse is just something that some how is a mistake. Lack of nutrition, GMO’s, Hybrid seeds so no one can save then, additives of all kinds, injections to live stock, the list and sub lists go on and on. In the U.K. and most of europe GOM’s, high fructose corn syrup (THE MUST SWEETEN WITH PURE CANE SYRUP,) and animal injections of bovine hormone, anitbiotics are illegal. Why is that? Hold on to your seats people we are in for a bumpy ride.

  5. Andrew says:

    Without Vernon’s protocol video, my dad would not be able to swallow his food due to esophogeal cancer. Thanks Vernon for spreading your story. The big medicine corporations can die off like the cancer we treat with real medicines.

  6. eduardo archibold says:

    Vernon’s protocol video how can i Get the video i also got the death sentence cancer of the prostate

  7. […] In Vernon’s website, he also mentioned another survivor, Donald J Porter using baking soda. Donald J. Porter was diagnosed with killer prostate cancer that metastasized to his bones. Here is his protocol […]

  8. Mike says:

    Dear Vernon,

    How great is that there is big hope somewhere, the hope for you or
    for your loved one. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer two years
    ago. After conventional “treatment” (chemo, 2 surgeries, radiation)
    she has recuranse and now she has the cancer in her liver and bone.
    Can you please tell us:
    Would you do the baking soda maple syrup protocol if you where in our place?
    What else do you think will be helpfull for my wife’s situation
    (besides organic food and clean water)?
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Best regards,

  9. patermac says:


  10. Richard Shepherd says:

    Dear Vernon:
    I have a few questions,
    Do you eat meat, chicken fish? Fried foods?
    Do you eat bread?
    Does yeast produce the candida albicans spores?
    Your protocol is great but any side effects after having 3 tea spoons of the Baking soda-molasses stuff?
    Dr Simoncini in Italy is curing all kind of cancers with a 05% solution applied directly to the tumors and in 2 weeks the cancer is completely gone. He believes the candida albicans spores are responsible for all types of cancers.There is a video in Youtube by Dr Simoncini.
    Thanks for the wonderful work and hope your protocol helps lots of people.
    Best Regards,

  11. Sam says:

    Those that say Vern’s, Kushi’s, etc. & my protocol/methods can cure almost anyone who has not damaged themselves by Drugs-Alcohol-Smoking, etc Des this mean lung cancers caused from smoking can not be cured with your protocol ??

  12. ella seneres says:

    Vern, Salutations, Glad you survived and then spread the word. Wondering and am concerned that drinking the Baking Soda only will not kill pancreatic cancer. The Doc in Italy says got to shoot it up. And any experience in hemp oil, or is that just hype by some pot smokers? Want to save my mom’s life. Thank you. I know she may be concerned about the cessium, do you think the baking soda would work as well. Blessed be and Goddess bless you and yours

  13. Lucy says:


    I was wondering about the necessity of being a month on no sugar before starting the protocol. Can you just start without the month on no sugar? Many thanks. Lucy

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Don’t know the answer Lucy. . . Have you taken a look at these links?

      The first one is some success stories from others who did their version of the baking soda protocol:

      The second is a new protocol sent to me by a molecular scientist which gives you another option:

      The third is a book by Tien-Sheng Hsu which comes closest to aligning with who I am and what my beliefs are when it comes to overcoming dances with cancer and other diseases. Not only does it reflect a lot of my beliefs, but it outlines and provides exercises to move cancer to a subordinate place in my body. I am new to this book, and will report more as I become more involved in the exercises: :

  14. alberta pummill says:

    Can baking soda help lung cancer

  15. Dick Greenfield says:

    Dear Vito –

    I’m writing to get your advice and guidance. On April 9th I went to an oncologist for a different problem, and while I was there I asked him to do a digital rectal exam of my prostate because it had not been done for a few years. He didn’t like what he found – he said he found an enlarged prostate (which I know I have had for at least 10 years) and he felt a hard spot on the right side. He sent me for a psa test and the result came in at 27! He made an appointment for me to get a biopsy on the following week, on April 18th. I then went online to find out as much as I could about alternative approaches to curing prostate cancer. I was already well aware of the effects of baking soda on cancer – I was aware of the work of Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Italy, and in fact had contacted him when my cat developed mammary cancer three years ago, and utilized his method of direct injection of baking soda into her tumors with rather incredible results. We could not get the cat to stand for the whole 3 rounds of six days of injections, but the first round alone shrunk the tumors so much that the vet only had to do very limited surgery and the cat recovered quickly. She is 15 years old at this point and has had no return of any signs of cancer.

    I then started trying to alkalize my body. I tested my saliva and that came out between 7 and 7.5, but my urine tested out below 6. Among the suggestions I found on line was the use of a mixture of 3 tablespoons of maple syrup with 1 tablespoon of baking soda with no water dilution and I started taking 1 teaspoon of it 4 times a day (the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of baking soda per day). I also started eating a lot of green vegetables and fruit – especially avocados. Within 2 days my urine tested out between 7 and 7.5.

    The following week, on April 16, I asked my GP to prescribe another psa test. This time it came in at 18.3 – still pretty high, but a lot lower than 27! At that point I canceled the biopsy appointment and made an appointment to see another urologist on April 23rd for a second opinion. When his office tested my urine the ph was 8! He did another DRE and confirmed the first doctor’s diagnosis and also wanted me to get a biopsy. I told him I would think about it and made an appointment to see him again on May 14.

    In the meantime I came across your video and the description of the protocol you used, and I started drinking a mix of 1 teaspoon of molasses and 1 teaspoon of baking powder in a cup of water once a day, but I continued the maple syrup/baking soda mix 2 times a day as well. At that point I didn’t realize you had an extensive web site and I couldn’t figure out how to get in touch with you. I just found it yesterday.

    There are a lot of “cures” claimed on the internet, and I don’t know how many I have looked at, but I find your approach to make the most sense to me – especially after my experience with the cat. I would like to follow your protocol but what I need is guidance. I don’t know much about dousing or muscle testing and I need guidance as to dosage, timing, etc. I would like to see if I can make enough change before that May 14th appointment to show up on another DRE and perhaps, if I can talk him into it, another psa test along with what’s called a “free psa” test. I realize the time between now and then is very short, and I would greatly appreciate hearing back from you at your earliest convenience – either by e-mail, or preferably by phone.

    By the way – I am just shy of 74 years old – I am about 6 foot tall and I weigh 180 lbs.

  16. Dick Greenfield says:

    Just to add an addendum to the above post — as of 7:00 yesterday morning my urine tested out above 8.5. I haven’t gone through any of the symptoms that Vito describes and I’ve only been taking the one to one mixture twice a day except yesterday when I took it 3 times. I’m wondering if I should cut back. How much more alkaline do I want to get?

  17. Excellent blog you have got here.. It’s difficult to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  18. Cheryl Davids says:

    Thanks for giving us hope. My husband Colin has a PSA of 4917. He has started taking bicarb and molasses but it causes diarhea, he takes about 2 teaspoons bicarb and 1 teaspoon molasses in a mug of filtered water perhaps this is too much. We are going to try only a small cupful 3 times a day. His ph fluctuates. We will carry on for 10 days and then have another PSA. Will keep you informed. Regards Cheryl

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      You will have to figure out the dosages for yourself. I know when I did the protocol my body spoke to me and said, “No” when I took too much.

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