Why is it that I never heard of an alkaline diet until I was 64 years old. I heard of vegetarian diet, Atkins diet, South Beach diet, macrobiotic diet, California diet, grapefruit diet, Cambridge diet, and many more – but no alkaline diet. I had to run the cancer hoops before learning about its wonders.

I didn’t even know about it when I proceded to knock out stage 4 prostate cancer that metastasized to the bones. Of course, I was on a very powerful alkaline substance. It was called sodium bicarbonate, or common baking soda. Some Acid/Alkaline Food charts put baking soda at a 12 pH on a scale of 1 to 14. Our body generally likes being a little on the alkaline side, or at the very least in the 6.5. That is what some say! However, baking soda was the substance that ran me up the pH scale in a hurry. It was not that much fun, but it sure beat chemo, radiation, or surgery.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the doctors basically said no to those options.

When I was on my baking soda protocol, I maintained my normal diet which consisted of breads which I love, grains including rice, sausage for breakfast, tofu, pastas, desserts like ice cream, potatoes, and you get the idea. I think I was lucky to have alkalized my body with the baking soda even though I never changed my food intake.

It was not until about 3 months after completing my baking soda protocol that I started to learn about alkaline diet. You see, I was getting some pretty painful gout attacks in my big toe area. They were coming on about every other week, and this was not only on one foot, but rather both big toes. It didn’t start out hitting both big  toes, which was debilitating enough, but it really got my attention when it got ’em both. Talk about not being able to walk! No wonder I packed on more weight. Between the meds and the inactivity, I was a mess.

I had a few attacks before all this cancer stuff. I cut out most red meats, and did not eat organ meat. The doctors prescribed gout medicines like all Allopurinol, indocin aka indomethacin, and Colchicine. Sometimes when those didn’t work, or I did not get to them in time I would use a painkiller called percocet. I couldn’t go on like this. I looked up on the net the foods to ignore when dancing with gout. This led to discovering the beauty of an alkaline diet.

I went on an alkaline diet immediately with almost immediate results. I ate wild rice mixed with quinoa, almost all vegetables but a few that exacerbated my particular gout. Asparagus, legumes except for lima beans, and tofu were on the no-no list. I ate all fruits except cranberries. I had an ocassional piece of fish or chicken. Currently my alkaline diet is about 60/40%. It was 80/20% when I first started it. It helps keep me healthy.

My biggest friend during that time was watermelon. Sometimes I believe it was watermelon that saved me from those attacks (grin). I was most fortunate that watermelon was in season, or just coming into season. If I got a bad watermelon I would juice it. It is good served chilled in a glass. Even now, when I am feeling hungry late at night, (Sort of like right now) I will reach for some always cut up watermelon in the frig. It fills me up and it is very alkaline.

Another big serendipity was that I was losing weight. I had already gone off of all medications and the weight was coming off. But it was the alkaline diet that really put me back together again. I dropped from 240 back down to between 185 and 190 where I belong, and where I feel good.

The last gout attack I had was in December of 2008. I came close to having another one again in December of 2009, but some heavy duty PTR Breathing circumvented that feeling. Anyone who has had gout knows that feeling – that pre-gout feeling. And we all run to the cherry juice, the painkillers, allopurinol, or indocin to try and stop it before it ruins our next two weeks. Some of these medicines are not even advised if a gout attack is unleashed. Percocet may be the only way out. Or like in my case PTR Breathing or don’t have it because we lucky ones who took charge of our lives are on an alkaline diet.

That is a little bit on alkaline diet.  My ph readings today were all, both urine and saliva between 7.0 and 7.4. I mentioned yesterday that I was over the loose stool and the headaches while doing the baking soda tune up. Today I noticed that I am closer to being back to a normal Vernon. . .

Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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13 Responses to “Alkaline Diet: Why? Cancer? Gout? Weight? Health?”

  1. Dan says:

    I read your gout link

    Gout is very funny because it can manifest when you are eating well or eating junk. I rarely get the painful attacks you mention. That is acute gout. Fasting can bring out gout. Ultimately fasting and cleansing will cure it but short term can make it manifest

    Do you stop your gout by going more alkaline? Using baking soda?

    Watermelons — I always buy a whole one. I eat the red meat and always always always juice the rind. You can to that for 3-10 days for some fun. Only eating red watermelon “meat” and drinking the rind juice but do this separately. Don’t eat at some time. The ones with seeds are better same as grapes with seeds are better

    Watermelon is just a big cucumber. That why you can juice the rind. Juice some ginger with it to brighten it up.

    Right now I have some low level gout in one foot. But it won’t prevent be from taking a quick paced walk this morning. 60-90 minutes. Barefoot in a nearby athletic field


    • Hi Dan. . . nice comments on the watermelon. Did you juice the rind with the peel and all? I don’t have a juicer, so I blended the rind and peel all together with a cut of ginger. I had to had a little water. I put the pulp in a strainer and drank the drippings. Thinking about pickling the wm rind. Have you done that yet?

      What do you mean by doing the watermelon rind juicing for 3 to 10 days? Is something weird going to happen to me (grin)? Vernon

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Dan. . . To answer you question about what I believe stopped the gout, I have thought about that quite a bit. My ongoing conclusion is that I believe it was primarily the alkaline diet – and most especially in my case, it was the watermelon. Of course, baking soda is alkaline and perhaps when I jolted my body with the baking soda molasses protocol it played a role in waking up that part of me that ‘needed’ to wake up to the alkaline world.

      PTR Breathing has been big for me. That feeling of gout creeping in on me in December of 2009 had me worried for a while. I was wondering what I ate or drank that could of exacerbated gout’s little painful claws into my big toes again. I could have been that ocassional beer I had coupled with feeling a bit stressful. Stress is a killer. In any regards, the Breathing cooled down the gout attack. It was very relaxing, and as I recall that incident, I focused PTR Breathed for over an hour as I laid in bed before going to sleep. The breathing relaxed me and oxygenated me. Both of which is just what “the doctor ordered.”. . . Vernon “Vito” Johnston

  2. rick says:

    well tyvm for all the info and wish me luck ive been doing extra potassium and vitamins and getting ready to start my venture in a couple of days. Will post how its going and hopefully i can reach u if needed. Anyway thanks again and wish me luck its in my throat

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Rick. . . what is it that you are getting ready for? Are you speaking gout, cancer, general health, or ???? Vernon

  3. rick says:

    Cancer just got biopsy done. Waiting for results but leaving nothing to chance.

    • Well then. . . good health to you. Make sure you do the Breathing, and start that now! Either my PTR Breathing, Don’s Breathing, or a combination of the two. If you have a different way to do it that is ok. The important thing to do is to get that oxygenation working for you. The wonderful side benefit is relaxation. As far as I am concerned disease cannot survive in an oxygenated and a relaxed body. I use it as part of my ‘maintenance’ so to speak. There are gifts there for you. Vernon

  4. […] product, buckwheat, honey, agave nectar, etc. Since switching to an alkaline diet I have not had a gout attack. I was getting one in each big toe twice a month. You can bet that I am very pleased with that […]

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  6. Ross says:


    Great to hear the results you’re getting with the alkaline diet. I’m 100% convinced by it and have been blogging the subject for nearly 5 years now!

    I’m constantly emailed by people who have similar stories to yours – hopefully we can help get the message out there a little more!

    Good luck and stay alkaline

  7. […] My wife and I were talking about chocolate and laughingly hoping it was alkaline. When I first started being more aware of what I was eating because my goal was to continue on the path of an alkaline body, I was heartbroken to see chocolate on the no no side of alkaline vs acidic. Having just come off of a dance with termninal cancer, I was pretty blissed out. What hit me next though really hurt. It was gout attacks. Not one in one big toe at a time, but two big toes at the same time. It seemed at the time that these attacks were hitting me every other week. […]

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