There is just me here. Me and all of you who are interested in living.

How this evolved…

People have emailed me or chatted with me to find out what I did; and to find out more. I have talked to people as far away as Japan. Many of the people I have talked to have asked me for a Website. Well…I didn’t have one until now.

Who We Are

We is Me! I was born on February 22nd, 1944. I have always sought to understand mySelf and with the question, “What the heck I am doing here; and why?” This little dance certainly propelled me in that directon.

I live in an older good looking Trailways bus that was converted into an RV. This bus used to make the run between Miami and New York City.  I am happy with it, especially knowing I have the ability to move where I want.

Speaking of moving, I am to the point where I really enjoy living alone. It has been basically 3 years since my wife, who I love deeply, pulled the plug on our marriage. I will always be grateful to her for that act of courage. For me, it has been a period of magical growth. Toss in the Dance with Cancer, and “Oh Baby!” life has been wondrous. I am blessed.

I am also a bit of a Solar Cook. I love to cook in my Global Sun Oven as well as on my TinyTech Parabolic Solar Cooker.

As one of those ‘carrots’ I mentioned earlier, I made a couple of Fire Staffs. They are like a baton except they are designed to light at both ends. I am just learning the rudiments right now. I look forward to lighting them one of these evenings.

Before I started this dance I spent two years trying to blow one sweet note on a trumpet. Occasionally I would squeak out something that barely resembled a note. Good for me because another carrot I put up was to play a sweet note. On my Conn 22B I am working on playing “Amazing Grace” with “When You Wish Upon A Star” waiting in the wings.

As time goes on, I will add a few more things of interest. And as the website starts filling up with more stories of my adventure with the crab, you will learn more about ‘who I are’ (grin)… Maybe I will learn too!

Things have changed rapidly in my personal life since the first part of this year. I am no longer living in Anza, California in my RV converted bus. I am no longer living alone. By some strange happy twist of fate, my wife and I have re-united and are happily living together in Birch Bay, Washington. It was something that I never expected, nor did I even think about as something that I wanted to do. I was truly happy living by mySelf.

But. . . I must say, I am excited to be with my wife again. We are having great fun! 

Anza, that high desert Anza, was very important for me. I was by mySelf for the most part, and that got me closer to Who I Am Becoming . . .

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