Day four, here I am. It is  8:25am, time for my saliva pH check. With pH Stix the reading was 7.25. With the pH paper strip is was 7.3.  My last baking soda molasses mix solution was yesterday at 3:45pm. That was when I was doing a video on mixing the solution. Hopefully it will be ready within the next day or two.

Do you know what pH stands for? I always have to look it up, just like now! Here are a couple:

     pH literally refers to the Percent Concentration of Hydrogen.
    The lower the pH, the higher concentration of hydrogen it is which
 makes the solution more acidic.
It comes from the Latin “pondus hydrogenii”. In English, this is literally Hydrogen Power or Hydrogen Potential. It is a measure of the concentration H3O+ of in solution chemistry.

11:30am Took baking soda solution – 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda with 1 teaspoon molasses in 1 cup of water.

9:30pm  Salivia pH registered 7.5 on the Stix and on the pH paper.

11:00pm Drank baking soda solution containing 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda, 1 teaspoon molasses, and 1 cup of water out of the tap.

Symptoms for the day. I was feeling a little loose in the stools department. No emergency trips to the toilet or anything, but I was aware of the need, especially in the morning where I made more runs (no pun intended) to the bathroom. Stool was also taking on a tinge of yellow color. Much like the first time I did this protocol in 2008. No headache happening today. It was very slight yesterday.  Did some focused breathing today. Only about 30 minutes. I was focusing on relaxation also. It is a good feeling for me to relax, and I mean a deep relaxation.

BTW. . . my wife is also doing the protocol. She started a couple days before me. Hopefully she will write something up. Very interesting things she mentioned – I will wait until she writes about it.  That is it for tonight. Vernon “Vito” Johnston

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