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I have had some success with using an iodine liquid supplement in getting rid of what appeared to be precancerous spots on my face and on my back. But the biggest success I saw (and I saw this with my very own eyes) was what my wife, Alice experienced using Atomidine Iodine to clean up a precancerous skin spot that her dermatologist tried to ‘burn’ away, but did not succeed. Here is Alice’s story:

After being informed that I had six to seven, unsightly  pre-cancerous ‘spots’ on my face,  my dermatologist sprayed them with nitrogen or something to freeze and remove them.  Only one ‘spot’ cleared up, and it was actually a cluster wart.

The worst lingering ‘spot’ was the one on the bridge of my nose, and not only did it not respond to the Nitrogen, it worsened, becoming very red and bleeding at the slightest touch.   Even the spray of a shower  would make it bleed.
A  year later, (thank God for make-up!) I began using  approximately 5 to 6 applications a day of Atomidine (non-staining}   applying  it with a Q-tip on the affected areas.

I got rid of 90% of the ‘spots’,  including the worst one on the bridge of my nose.  Several  liver spots also totally disappeared and several shrank significantly.
The Atomidine also significantly shrunk a wart-like growth on the side of my nose (the one similar to Obama’s).

The process took about three to four weeks.

That was it, now I will add my 2-cents worth, but first Mark and I finished the video of me doing a show and tell on applying Atomidine: Video on Atomidine, even took my shirt off.

Now back to Alice’s story – It was very interesting watching Alice’s spot on the bridge of her nose gradually shrink and then disappear. I did not know she had a skin cancer threat on her nose. We had been separated for 3 years, and talking about one’s nose challenge was not exactly a topic central to our ‘distant’ relationship (grin). Anyway, once we go back together again, and I could see through the make-up, and see that there was a challenge there, I had to mention my previous experience with  supplemental Iodine. I told Alice what I told my 2 sisters. This was via an email to both of them. They are very interested in healthy ways to health. Here is that email that I sent to them in October of 2008:

Martha and Linda……I am sure you don’t have any of the ‘spots’ I am referring to, but…….while editing the book “Sodium Bicarbonate: Rich Mans Poor Mans Cancer Treatment” I ran across a section using Iodine to treat Liver/Sun/Old Age Spots. I had to try it. Here are a few of my notes:
My current results using Iodine (Atomidine) as a topical for treating
Sunspots, Liver Spots, or Old Age Spots. I am very pleased. The ones on the side of my face by my left temple have either disappeared or have diminished. The one that was very suspect (it was raised and kind of rough) was the first to flake away. The ones on the back of my right hand are taking their time to disappear. I have been applying iodine with a Qtip 10 to 15 times daily since the 15th of October. Of course, when the spots fell away, I did not apply the Iodine…….Soon I will have a model’s face (hahahaha!),

The Iodine stain made me look like I had the crap beat out of me.
But, as I get better at applying the iodine and the spots started flaking away, my passive image returned. I understand there is a stainless Iodine.


That was the email, and let me explain that the first supplemental iodines I experimented with were Nascent and Logols Iodine. Both were very stainy. That is why I tried Atomidine Iodine. I wanted to get away from that beat up look (hahahaha/grin). Believe me, those other iodines were very ugly. If I had known about my wife’s makeup, then I surely would have applied it when I went out socially. Bottom line though. . . is that I took care of them! And here are some scary pictures of Skin Lesions and Skin Cancer. Might be nice for identifying a few spots. Don’t know what Atomodine would do with full blown skin cancer or Melanoma, but I know what I would try.

Here is the video Mark and I made on how I applied Atomidine: Same Vid as the one at the beginning.

Good Night! Vernon “Vito” Johnston with or without a model’s face

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4 Responses to “Atomidine Iodine: How I used it on Precancerous Cancer Spots & Old Age Liver Blemishes”

  1. Wretha says:

    Just curious, you say you applied the iodine 5-6 times a day, what about putting iodine on a cotton ball and taping it to the spot? That would keep it saturated in iodine and would perhaps work better or faster?

    I have the atomidine and I am applying it on several places, but honestly I don’t remember to do it 5-6 times a day, I do good to get it on 1-2X a day, I just have so much going on… what do you think? I know you aren’t a doctor and you are not giving me medical advice.


  2. Wretha says:

    OK, just FYI, I tried doing what I asked, applying some Atomidine to a piece of cotton ball, placing it over a spot (I did this on my shoulder, not on my face), I put a bandaid over it. I also did the same thing on a different spot on another place on my body, well within about 5-10 minutes those two spots began to burn, I removed both bandaids and the cotton soaked with Atomidine. Both spots were red and irritated looking, no real damage done, just a bit of pain associated with this experiment. So no, I wouldn’t suggest doing this, tried it and it was unpleasant enough to not try again.

    I’ll go back to putting it on several times a day and allowing it to dry.


  3. Irena says:

    What type of skin cancer did you have? Was it dysplastic nevi mole that turned to Melanoma, or Basal Cell Carcinoma?

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      It was my wife that had the skin cancer on the bridge of her nose. I am not sure what kind it was. She is a private person and does not like to talk about it. However, I will ask her when she gets back from her trip. My spots were pre-cancerous. For me, the Atomidine was most effective on those spots more than the ‘age spots’. I have to do the Atomidine not continually, but to keep the skin clear I find that doing the Atomidine every 4 months or so for a week or two tends to control it. . . I am currently experimenting with a natural poultice that I rub on those spots 2 to 3 times daily. When I get identifiable results I will post it. Vj

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