I cannot imagine what people feel like when ‘Chemo or Radiation Day’ approaches. Towards the end of my last baking soda molasses solution,
I started feeling a little overloaded. I was experiencing the sweats I felt the first time over two years ago, and like the ones Don described in his successful
baking soda protocol
. The slight headaches, ones like caffeine headaches, were becoming more noticeable. For the most part, I had very
little diarrhea.

However, there were a couple of days that I spent some happy time in the bathroom. Nothing unmanageable, just nice to know things were
clearing out. But that feeling last night when I was thinking about my last baking soda solution, I just could not pull the trigger. My body was speaking to me and I listened.

People going for chemotherapy and radiation must really get a heavy dose of that “balking feeling”. Again, I cannot even imagine what that
feeling would be like. My little baking soda solution feeling must pale in comparison to those who experience an approacking chemo day.

I got lucky! The doctors told me it would do no good to do chemo, radiation, or surgery in my particular situation  – stage 4 prostate cancer
that metastasized to the bone
. It seems that there was little the medical society could do. And that was my gift – I was on my own.

8:30pm My last dosage was about 28 hours ago. This morning I woke with that ‘caffeine’ headache. What really helped was doing the Breathing.  My pH, when I took a reading at 8:30pmish, was 7.2 on the paper strip and the ph Stick. Urine pH was at 7.5. I will take some more readings tomorrow. My headaches are gone and no diarrhea.

I was very active during the entire 10 days. That included walks, water aerobics, playing dominoes with my wife, cooking Thai food, shopping, trip to the casino,
and writing this blog – to mention a few.

For those who may consider doing something similar to what I did, bear in mind that we as individuals are all different – different weight, size, age, current pH status, health challenge, sex, diet, and etc. So you are in charge of yourSelf. Do what is best for you. Always what is best for you. This process is what worked for me.  I did this baking soda business because I was in trouble. Namely, a ‘cancer death sentence.’
 The first time I did this protocol I did not know about alkaline diet. Of course baking soda is highly alkaline, but it is not a food. There is  a lot of information out there about alkaline diet. I will include a section on alkaline diet and my experiences with food as soon as I do.
Since that first time I have adjusted my diet and I am very happy I did. Baking soda, even though I only did it for a short period, was big for me. I now maintain about a 60/40 alkaline diet and do PTR Breathing. I will speak more about when I went on an alkaline diet soon.  Good Night!
 Vernon “Vito” Johnston www.phkillscancer.com

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6 Responses to “10th Day Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Repeat – Alkaline Tune up – Wrapping it up!”

  1. Zena says:

    I just wondered you are doing now Vernon, have you continued to be well.

  2. Zena waithe says:

    My husband has had a radical prostatectomy, and a lowering PSA, this oth it went up. He is following your protocol, And would like your support.
    We are also interested in how you are doing now

  3. Zena waithe says:

    Should have read…month

  4. Jose Ochoa says:

    I would like to ask a question. My girlfriends brother just completed his first round of chemo 4 days ago, can he start this treatment you are doing so soon afterwards? Any information would be greatly appreciated, GOD bless!

    • Vernon aka Vito says:

      Others have reported using baking soda protocol while on chemo with no ill effects. The doctors told me that I was too far gone to have chemo, radiation, or surgery. . . so I have no experience in that area. Perhaps someone will know on the Questions & Answers with Vernon fm pHkillscancer.com on Jul 28, 2013 5:00 PM PDT at:


      Sometimes I am a month or more out answering emails. You can ask questions or just listen. Sometimes I have a guest who has been through what you and I have been through. . . see you there! If you can’t make it, let me know times that would work for you, and I will do my best to accomodate. . . Vj

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      • Joan says:

        Is it possible that the Protocol could cause my BP to rise to very high levels? It was 192/101 in MD office on Tues. I was pretty worried so stopped Protocol for 1 day. BP dropped down to almost normal..135/75. Don’t know if it was caused by the MD or the Protocol. ( : )


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